Assess Your Stress

Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to assess your stress by discovering what signs and symptoms are causing you the most harm to your mind and body health.

Assess These 7 Most Important Symptoms

  1. what is your energy level like when you get up in the morning and then mid-afternoon?
  2. do you sleep a solid seven or eight hours with no interruptions or are you awake some of the night?
  3. do you suffer from feelings of anxiety, depression, worry, lack of confidence, recurring negative thoughts or overwhelm?
  4. does your body suffer from some kind of muscle, tendon or joint pain? Do you get weekly headaches?
  5. what is your overall mood?
  6. do you have signs or symptoms of digestive issues, like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pains, leaky gut or inflammation
  7. what is your overall mind stress level throughout the day?

Here are the details of your own assess your stress...

Assess Your Stress Questionnaire

Assess your stress - rate 1 through 5 - on how often you experience these causes using this dtress scale...

  1. no impact, no stressful feelings or mind stuff
  2. stresses me out three or four times a year
  3. once a month and sometimes more
  4. once a week or more
  5. I have this cause of stress every day and it's getting me down

You can even print this Web page out and write down your assessment.

Assess The Causes Of Your Stress

Health - aging, lifestyle, life changes

Sleepwaking up at night, not enough, feeling tired, sluggish and groggy

Hormones - feeling anxious, can't sleep, low energy levels and sex drive.

Money - bills, retirement

Family - responsibilities, health issues, pets, home maintenance

Relationships- marriage, dating, friends, being social

Work - job stability, boss, c0-workers

Mind - stuff, over-thinking, out of control, negative thoughts

Time - "no time", deadlines, too many commitments

Environmental noise

Travelling - traffic, drivers

Conflicting values and beliefs - with family members, people at work, friends

News - TV, social media

Write down your 4's and 5's. These are the areas we need to start changing first.

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Assess The Signs And Symptoms Of Your Stress

Assess your stress - 1 through 5 - on how often you experience these signs and symptoms with this Stress scale..

  1. no impact, I do not have this sign or symptom
  2. I have this symptom three or four times a year
  3. once a month and sometimes more
  4. once a week or more
  5. I have this symptom every day

Weight Gain, Weight Loss -  regularly thinking about dieting, your clothes are tight and you have noticeable belly fat.

Heart - do you suffer from one or more of these - heart rate variability changes, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, tight chest, some dizziness, fainting?

Breathing - shallow and/or rapid is an indication of stress.. How often do you suffer from allergies or asthma. How often do you feel you hyperventilate?

Hands and Feet - cold hands and/or feet are a sign of stress but also is shaking, sweaty and cramping.

Pain - do you have any one of these and how often - headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, muscle cramps?

Digestion - acid reflux, indigestion, excessive belching and flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis.

Jaw - pain, clenching, teeth grinding, problem swallowing, stuttering, dry mouth.

Infections - do you suffer from any of these and if so, how often - cold sores, itchy skin, rashes, hives, flu-like symptoms?

Feeling tired - sleepy, sluggish, low energy, exhausted, weak, low sex drive.

Insomnia - do you wake up in the middle of the night or maybe suffer from disturbing dreams or you mind just won't stop? Check out this Sleep Zone News for some self help remedies and coaching.

Anxiety - how often do you suffer from - worry, panic, depression, fear, suicidal thoughts, nervousness?

Angry - how about moodiness, being irritated, on-edge, over-reacting?

Overwhelm - how often do you feel burnout, have a lack of motivation, confusion, maybe issues with decision-making?

Focus - do you suffer from any of these - weak memory recall, learning ability, feel disorganized, suffer from racing thoughts or maybe forgetful?

Stress Increase - does this mean you increase any of these - sugar, smoking, alcohol, gambling, over-the-counter drugs.

Write down your 4's and 5's. These are the areas we need to start changing first.

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Assess Your Stress Form

Now that you've rated your causes of stress and the signs and symptoms, complete the Assessment Form below and send it to me. I'll email you back with the mind power techniques, videos, guided imagery scripts and mindfulness exercises you might want to practice to get your 4's and 5's down to 3's, 2's and 1's.

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Next Steps To Assess Your Stress

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