Boost Immune System Naturally

Scientifically researched, here are powerful ways to boost immune system naturally. Scroll down for details on each of the following headings...

  1. mind stress relief techniques
  2. heart health
  3. how to do the proper breathing for calming and relaxation
  4. tips on how to get a better and longer nights sleep
  5. hormone balance and analysis with an holistic-minded doctor
  6. body health, alkaline foods and drinks
  7. nutritional supplements
  8. massage therapy
  9. oxygen therapy
  10. healthy detoxification
  11. regenerative health and life coaching

Click on the following link-headings below and find out the main ways you can naturally enhance and strengthen your immune system to fight off illness and disease, like cancer.


Breathing techniques for stress and anxiety - Here are some short, instructional videos showing you how to successfully practice proper breathing exercises. Increases oxygen for the relief of body, adrenals, mind stress and anxiety.

Stop These 2 Brain Drains

Anxiety - here's a guide on how to handle and stop anxiety, depression, mind stress, worry, fear, irritation and overwhelm. 

Negative thoughts - coaching on how to stop obsessive and automatic negative thoughts by preparing your mind for a known stress.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is a scientific measurement used for calculating and quantifying a persons health, resiliency, mind stress levels and boost immune system naturally.

HRV are normal, changes of heart beats, rates and rhythms.

As long as the variability is not too much, the irregularity of your heart beats, rates and rhythms are very normal in a healthy person.

Click here for more information on heart rate variability and how to use the Mind Wellness Techniques to get your HRV to where it needs to be.

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Food And Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Guide - The fuel that is needed for a healthy mind and body is food and hormones. Coaching you on how to get the best nutrition, where to find it and how to use it.

Keto diet - boosting the immune system. Also best low carbs foods and best protein foods.

What is fermentation - preserving with bacteria that's produced when fermenting vegetables will produce natural probiotics, enzymes and vitamins for healthy gut flora.


It's obvious to everyone that we have to drink lots of water daily. And good, clean water. I use a Berkey purifier and water filter.

I use this pure water therapeutically for daily drinking and enemas, caffeine and herb implants.

The cost for the Berkey was in the hundreds.

Alkaline Health

The terrain inside your body to fight off illness an disease should be in the alkaline PH range of 6.7 to 7.3.

If someone is in a disease process, having their PH acid alkaline level above 7.7 to 8.0 would be best.

There are specific alkaline foods and alkaline drinks you can have to help you stay at an alkaline PH level.

I make my own drink of purified water with sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate.

You can also test your PH acid alkaline levels. You can buy a tester online and test your urine PH in the morning.

Adrenal Ade - here are recipes for my top two healthy drinks. These are all natural, homemade beverages boosting your immune system, help detox your kidneys and liver as well as supporting your adrenal glands and balancing your alkaline PH levels.

Hormone Balance

Hormone Imbalance Symptom Guide - answer just seven questions for insight into your hormone health and cell health on energy, sleep, anxiety, pain, mood, digestion and stress.

Measure and optimize hormone balance, especially with thyroid and adrenals who have a significant impact on your immune system. Here's some information on growth hormone benefits..

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Massage Therapy

Massage with oxygen therapy - a cutting-edge massage treatment to specifically boost a persons health by helping the body rid itself of harmful toxins using its immune system.

Massage therapy types.

Mind Stress

Natural stress relievers - over 18 ways people are using natural remedies to relieve mind stress.

Mind Power Techniques videos - calming, relaxing and focusing your mind with these techniques to boost immune system naturally.


Sleep Zone News21 ways to get more, better and longer sleep. Remove stress helps to remove insomnia.

Healthy sleep - Here, I'll coach you through some easy mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises, includes short videos and guided imagery scripts.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements - to help remove anxiety, mind stress and negative thoughts as well as pure nutrition to your body, hormones and immune system. Check out the benefits of magnesium, for example.


Health benefits of intermittent fasting - This proven, researched, self help remedy can give us optimal function of our mind, brain, hormones and immune system.

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Detoxification and Regeneration

Healthy Body Detox Guide - 18 ways to easily reduce your toxic exposures and boosting your body's ability to eliminate toxins which helps boost immune system naturally.

Ozone Therapy

What is ozone therapy? - find out about this natural, dis-ease fighting protocol, its benefits, how Europe has taken the lead in its healing qualities and how you can take advantage of it, too.

Natural Coffee Enemas

Coffee enema benefits - for a healthy body detox. Natural boosting immune system. Cleansing liver and intestines with herbs.

The Holistic 5-Point Restorative Approach

Achieving optimal levels of these 5 key areas...

  1. hormones
  2. best foods and nutrition
  3. minimal toxins
  4. healthy physical body
  5. mind health

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There is scientific research studies and news on the power of the mind relating to our overall health and wellness.

It includes the research on the mindfulness meditation exercises, breath therapy, massage, guided imagery, autogenic relaxation techniques and clinical hypnosis.

Click on the following links below for more topics and techniques...

Mind power research - scientific studies on the techniques for mind, body, immune system and hormone health.

Scientific research data states that when you can boost immune system naturally, it is able to identify and remove cancer and other diseased cells very quickly.

Also, recent studies confirm that the status, strength and power of the immune system is the most important prognostic factor for long-term survival in cancer/disease patients.

Whether you are looking to prevent disease/cancer or prevent a recurrence or boost the battle against an active disease/cancer, the most important question to ask is: "what is the condition of the terrain inside the body."

We know how to restore a healthy terrain.

Heart coherence - techniques to influence, increase and boost immune system naturally.

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