Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief

Watch the video below and practice the most easiest of all breathing techniques for stress relief, anxiety, depression, worry, overwhelm and eliminating negative thoughts.

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Guided Imagery Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief

  1. before you start, use the power of your mind and take a few moments to remember a time or two or even a special place when you felt really, really happy
  2. once you have this place or time in minds memory, start this exercises by going to a place where you can be alone and not be disturbed
  3. sit on a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Do not lay down as this can restrict the movement of your rib cage as you breathe
  4. if you want, you can set a timer for fifteen to thirty minutes
  5. just sit there, being perfectly still and breathe
  6. when you are ready, focus all your attention on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out
  7. follow your breath as it comes in and as it goes out
  8. now, for the next part of the exercise, remember the saying - "breathe in, belly out. Breathe out, belly in"
  9. for the next few minutes, repeat the above saying as you breathe - breathe in as you push your belly out and breathe out as you gently bring your belly back in
  10. "breathe in, belly out. Breathe out, belly in"
  11. if you find your mind wanders off, as it has a tendency to do, just gently bring it back to your breathe - "breathe in, belly out. Breathe out, belly in"
  12. if you want to, you can count as you breathe in and count as your breathe out
  13. "breathe in, belly out - 1, 2, 3, 4"
  14. "Breathe out, belly in - 1, 2, 3, 4"
  15. keep on counting and breathing
  16. when you are ready, take the next step by focusing on each body part in turn while repeating the following affirmations to yourself, and still breathing into your belly...
  17. "I am relaxing my jaw and face muscles. My jaw and face muscles are relaxing"
  18. "I am relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. My neck and shoulder muscles are relaxing"
  19. "I am relaxing my chest and belly muscles. My chest and belly muscles are relaxing"
  20. "I am relaxing my whole back muscles. My whole back muscles are relaxing"
  21. "I am relaxing my arms, hands and fingers. My arms, hands and fingers are relaxing"
  22. ,"I am relaxing my legs, feet and toes. My legs, feet and toes are relaxing"
  23. "breathe in, belly out - 1, 2, 3, 4"
  24. "Breathe out, belly in - 1, 2, 3, 4"
  25. now, when you feel fully and completely relaxed and calm, using the power of our subconscious mind, think of the place or the time in your life that you really felt happy and joyful
  26. if you can, have a sense of a mental picture developing and visualize this place and time
  27. focus all your attention, not just on your breathing, but also on this picture or movie in your mind and notice all the details in it
  28. is day time or night time?
  29. are you inside or outside?
  30. are you alone or with other people?
  31. what colors do you see?
  32. what sounds do you hear?
  33. as you focus on this image, notice the feelings of happiness, calmness and joy, and remember this feeling as you breathe in and breathe out
  34. keep this image for as long as you want or until your timer goes off
  35. continue these breathing techniques for stress relief every day. You'll find it gets easier to to with practice and become more automatic.

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