Build A Memory Palace

To memorize things quickly and easily, I'll show you how to build a Memory Palace or sometimes known as a Mind Palace. I use this memory power technique all the time an in many different ways.

Here are quick examples of what you could use to build a your Memory Palace...

  1. your body
  2. your home a building you know well
  3. rhyming words
  4. playing cards
  5. numerology numbers

For example, you are using your subconscious mind to imagine, visualize and picture parts of your body. Then, you would place the stuff you want to remember on the body parts in your mind. This makes it much easier to remember.

How To Build A Memory Palace Using Your Body

Here's an example you can use right away.

Say we want to remember 9 empowering words that we want to experience throughout the day to keep up in a positive attitude...

  • Happy
  • Relaxing
  • Healthy
  • Easy
  • Appreciating
  • Calming
  • Strong
  • Focusing
  • Enthusiastic

Now, I want you to picture yourself in your mind as we place these words on your body, like a tattoo, for example.

You can even make the shape of the specific body part into the shape of the word or use different colors for each word and body part.

Make the words big and maybe fill up the body part.

There are so many variations. The more funny it is, the better.

So, let's tattoo the words on your body...

  1. Head = FOCUSING
  2. Right Arm = STRONG
  3. Left Arm = EASY
  5. Chest = RELAXING
  6. Belly = CALMING
  7. Right Leg = HEALTHY
  8. Left Leg = ENTHUSIASTIC
  9. Feet = HAPPY

Just take a few minutes really picturing these words on these body parts. 

So, all you have to do is picture your body in your mind. It'll then bring in the words you've associated with that body part.

The best part is that you can do this with anything you want to remember.

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How To Build A Memory Palace Using Numerology Numbers

Let's take a normal, every day pack of 52 playing cards and assign something you want to remember to each one of the cards.

For example, lets take the suit of clubs because it looks a bit like the brain, plus they represent positive experiences, knowledge, talent, creative, adventure, intuition and fire in cartomancy.

Let's take the same empowering words from before to show you how easy it is to build your memory...

  • Ace of clubs = FOCUSING
  • 2 of clubs = STRONG
  • 3 of clubs = EASY
  • 4 of clubs = APPRECIATING
  • 5 of clubs = RELAXING
  • 6 of clubs = CALMING
  • 7 of clubs = HEALTHY
  • 8 of clubs = ENTHUSIASTIC
  • 9 of clubs = HAPPY

And if you want to memorize more, then you can use 10, Jack, Queen, King, and even the other three suits of hearts, diamonds and spades.

Click here if you want to find out more about numerology number meanings to unlock and create your future you want.

How To Build A Memory Palace Using Your Home

Just like we did above, take these words and associate each one of them with a different room in the house. For example...

  • front driveway or road = FOCUSING
  • hallway or front door = STRONG
  • stairs or corridor = EASY
  • living room = APPRECIATING
  • kitchen = RELAXING
  • master bedroom = CALMING
  • second bedroom = HEALTHY
  • third bedroom or landing area = ENTHUSIASTIC
  • bathroom = HAPPY

How To Build A Memory Palace Using Rhyming Numbers

In your mind you picture, imagine and visualize. Say you want to remember ten facts. Associate each number with its rhyme and the fact you want to remember.

  1. One is Sun
  2. Two is shoe
  3. three is tree
  4. four is door
  5. five is hive
  6. six is sticks
  7. seven is heaven
  8. eight is gate
  9. nine is wine
  10. ten is hen

Memory Palace To Stop Anxiety

Click here and watch a short instructional video on Mind Anchoring Positive Thoughts. This easy-to-do technique is used in my stress management sessions to help people stop anxiety and negative thoughts in their tracks.

More On Building Your Memory

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