De-Stress Your Life

Practice the De-Stress Your Life Technique. Learn how to remove unwanted, draining tasks and obligations.

This mindfulness life exercise will get the health of your mind, body and hormones back on track by making you the center of your own universe.

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De-Stress Your Life Technique will increase your energy levels drastically because your energy is not seeping out because of draining people, things, tasks and commitments.

It will create a more simple living, stress-free life where your anxiety and negative thoughts will be eliminated and clear, higher thinking will take place.

You can also discover a new life purpose as you de-clutter and un-commit to time-wasting tasks, energy-zapping people and unnecessary obligations.

De-Stress Your Life Technique

Grab a pen and 3 pieces of paper or divide one piece into three. Label each...

  1. #1 ME
  2. #2 Other
  3. #3 Other

  • #1 ME life priority - essential for our life and living. Your health routine. Stress-free activities. Making you the center of your universe.
  • #2 Other life priority - things that you think you may be able to delete but you're not sure yet
  • #3 Other life priority - eliminate these immediately and save energy and gain health

Now, before you start, you might want to find out what your stress levels are, what is stressing you out and the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. Click here to do that - assess your stress.

Now, check out the list below to give you ideas and open your mind to your life and your unwanted, draining tasks, 

How To De-Stress Your Life

Look at each word and examples, below. Think about your day-to-day life, and start plotting each of them on one of the above 3 pieces of paper.

Remember, the key is to have just the bare essentials on the paper labelled #1 ME.

Your goal is to increase your mind-body health by removing and eliminating the other 2, especially the third one...

Time management - what time-wasting activities do you do including time wasting on the phone, computer or TV? What do you spend your time doing and what do you really want to spend you time doing?

Relationships - what of these relationships do you want to keep or get rid of - romantic, family members, friends, work colleagues and bosses, social media friends? Eliminate toxic relationships and anything that contributes to your mind stress.

Being present - how much time a day do you really focus on the present moment, not thinking about the past or future? Latest science research studies show by staying in the present moment, you automatically remove mind stress. It helps in eliminating worry, anxiety, panic, irritation, depression, anger, fear and overwhelm.

Feeling appreciation - for your mind, body and hormone health, it is very important to be grateful and have a sense of gratitude. This should be written on your ME page.

Mind health - eliminate things that keep you wired and tired and remove things that drain your brain.

Healthy body - what are you doing to have a healthy body and what are you doing that puts the body under stress? you should be thinking about hormones, nutrition, anti-aging supplements, exercise and movement, healthy detox, water, your PH levels and empowering your mind health.

Healthy sleep and rest - sleep and proper reset has to be top priority. Do you get eight hours, uninterrupted? Getting a good, healthy nights sleep is a major problem for a lot of people with insomnia.

Health home life - communication, creating your space, calming environment, loved ones, talking and listening, positive attitude. Pets.

Health outside of home - people and surroundings, negative ion environments, nature, being grounded, decrease anxiety. feeling safe.

Simple living higher thinking - the more you have, the more you worry. To be free from mind stress, anxiety, worry and overwhelm, it's important to look at your daily life, recognize your exaggerated wants and needs and then get rid of them. Stop buying and hoarding stuff you don't or want use.

Healthy pleasures - happy, recreational fun, vacations, doing things you are passionate about, laughing. Eliminate feeling drained and tired. Hugs.

Finding out your life purpose - what direction are you going in and do you need to change it? Anything not working in your life right now? What are your values and beliefs? What do you love and enjoy doing? Sharing and helping others.

Work - do you love your job and career path or are you sick and tired of it? Hours worked, schedule, pay, stress level, boss, co-workers.

Money - budgeting, saving and paying bills on time. Law of attraction.

Personal growth - reflect on your day and studying your life for growth. Using the power of the internet to take courses, podcasts, apps and online books.

Phone and computer - any time-wasting here? Negative or positive influence on your mind. Do you really need the phone next to you all the time? May the #1 to de-stress your life.

TV and social media - how does this impact you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Is it uplifting your spirits? Your time spent better doing something else than zoning out.

Email and text - unsubscribe. Don't have to reply to all of them. How does it make you feel?

Say no - one of the hardest thing to say and do for a lot of people, but it must be done to make you the center of your own universe. Stop saying yes to everything and everyone.

Time wasting activities - go through your day, and week. Evaluate your time and find out which are a waste of time.

Multi tasking versus mono tasking - start to just do one task at a time with all your focus on it instead of jumping from one thing to another.

Driving - is this stressful?

Behaviors - stop bad habits. Create new, good healthy ones.

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