Foods That Make You Tired And Sluggish

It's not just certain foods that make you tired, sleepy and sluggish. The other 3 major contributors are...

  1. sleep - try to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night
  2. exercise - at least walk for thirty minutes a day with deep breathing
  3. acid-alkaline PH levels - maintaining a 6.8 to 7.0

I know it's easy to say, but we need to work toward more sleep and more restorative exercise. It's a process. We work toward it day by day, week by week.

If we are really serious about feeling less tired, sluggish and groggy, to experiencing more energy, more happiness and calm, then we need to look at changing our lifestyle to making sleep and exercise a high priority.

Foods That Make You Tired, Sleepy and Sluggish

White Flour - everyone knows this one, for sure. The worst part is that it's combined with sugar.

White Sugar - makes your blood sugar spike and then you experience the sugar crash.

Caffeine - these drinks can also produce a spike and then a crash. The worst part again is that it's already loaded with sugar or people add sugar to it. Please note, a small amount of coffee with no sugar or any sweetener, has many benefits. 

Red Meat - it takes a lot of digestive power and energy to break down this meat, so it can leave your feeling tired and sluggish, especially if you've eaten it late in the evening. Food is meant to pass through our digestive tract in 24 hours. With meat, it can be 36 to 48 hours. This creates a heavy load on the immune system, hormone balancing and calmness of the mind.

Cherries and Bananas - to help you get deeper, healthier sleep, it's best to eat in small amounts in the evening.

Energy Boosting Food Factors

Inform yourself a little bit on carbs and the difference between simple carbs and the more healthier complex carbs.

For most people, it's not just what you are eating as much as the amount of food you are eating. Try cutting your food down by half for a week or two.

The time you are eating your last meal of the day. The earlier the better.

Check the food labels of everything you buy. You're mainly looking for hidden sugars, dyes, preservatives and additives.

One of the best ways is to kick-start your health and start getting more energy, is intermittent fasting.

Healthy Nutrition Guide - for all aspects of food, eating and more.

Best protein foods - included is also a list of the best low carb foods for vegetarians on a keto diet.

Healthy vegetarian recipes - includes dishes for high protein recipes and low carb diets.

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Mind Tools For Sleep

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Feeling tired, sleepy and sluggish - 8 minute video by Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD on supplements and dosages that have been proven to help you sleep.

Sleep Zone News - 18 all natural ways and self help remedies to getting better and longer sleep.

Healthy sleep - mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises to get the sleep you need.

Mind Power Techniques

Stop anxiety naturally - here are two mind power techniques we use extensively at the SaJune Medical Center to help stop anxiety naturally with fantastic results.

Stop automatic negative thoughts - helps prepare your mind so that you overcome and stop depression, anxiety, panic, fear, anger, worry, overwhelm and any other kind of mind stress.

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