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Welcome to these proven and popular free Mind Health Online eCourses.

Each one is presented to you to easily and automatically train your brain and empower your mind to live the healthiest life ever!

Each eCourse contains easy-to-understand, short, concise instructional guided imagery videos for easy learning.

All you have to do is to register for free to one or more of the classes, hit Play and follow along.

Why free?

I was diagnosed with throat cancer back in Aprill 2019, so i am unable to work at  my regenerative health and stress management coaching.

And just because I couldn't talk much or work at all, I didn't want these mind power techniques to not be available even if I am not. They have certainly helped me and proven to help thousands of other people.

All you have to do is to register for free to one or more of the classes, hit Play and follow along.

Free Mind Health Online eCourse Details

Assess Your Stress - you'll receive 1 email a week for 6 weeks with mind power techniques and information relating to your submitted Stress Form and give you some relief.

Stress Less Live More - you'll receive 1 email a week for 18 weeks to help you easily control stress, stop anxiety, depression, worry, negative thoughts and the overactive mind. These mind power techniques have been used with success on thousands of my patients.

Train Your Brain Map - you'll receive 1 email a day for 26 days each one containing 6 different empowering words to focus on this day. It's just like a GPS for your mind. Uses the laws of attraction and cause and effect to break old patterns, habits and behaviors.

Controlling Your Mind Changes Your Life - you'll receive 1 email a day for 7 weeks, learning to easily switch your thoughts from draining and negative to energizing and positive with some key ingredients and secrets to help you.

Learn How To Meditate - you'll receive 1 email a day for 9 days to successfully coach you, step-by-step to breathe, sit still and meditate. It's now easier than you think.

Technique of the Week - you'll receive 1 email a week for 26 weeks detailing a different mind power technique in just 5 minutes for mind stress relief.

You are the architect of your life

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Benefits Of These Free Mind Health Online eCourses

  1. you will receive a short, concise instructional videos guiding you through the techniques and mindfulness meditations
  2. most of the videos are under five minutes
  3. guided imagery scripts you can modify to your particular issue
  4. boost immune system naturally
  5. they are all geared to coach you in releasing and breaking old, negative patterns of behavior and help new, positive habits, thoughts and behaviors
  6. helps to calm anxiety, worry and depression 
  7. removing negative thoughts and overwhelm from your mind
  8. energizing, empowering words, emotions, feelings and positive mind pictures are expertly used to craft guided imagery scripts so that the subconscious mind can create permanent change.
  9. energizing, uplifting, positive mind pictures, words and feelings
  10. teaches you how you can keep your body still and in on place for meditation
  11. guiding you on how you can stop the mind from thinking
  12. improves your memory recall
  13. removes mind stress
  14. helps to balance hormones and emotions
  15. an exercise that directs and discipline the mind rather than allowing it to wander off wherever it wants to go
  16. increases your vocabulary of positive attitude feelings, emotions, sentiments, thoughts and actions
  17. can be done anywhere and only take a fee minutes to do
  18. helps you get rid of and stop being tired
  19. can be done for very general topics or activities in your life or for very specific ones
  20. creating and designing your future
  21. trains your brain an empowers your mind

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Free Guides And Other Resources

In addition to the above free mind health online eCourses, I also offer the following...

Anxiety Symptoms Treatment Guidebook - including panic, social. Mind health techniques videos to coach you.

How To Change Negative Thoughts Guidebook - taking control of your own thoughts with thiese mind power techniques videos.

Healthy Living Guidebook - get balanced and healthy in the 14 key areas of your life.

Manage Your Time Guidebook - get rid of time-wasting, procrastination. tips and ideas to get your time back.

Food and Diet - Healthy Nutrition Guidebook - details on ratios, low carb, calories, keto diet, recipes

Hormone Imbalance Treatment Guidebook - signs and symptoms of imbalance, why and how to correct them.

Mind Research - physiological and psychological references for these guided imagery, mind power techniques, exercises and strategies.

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Mind Power Techniques videos - over 40 free mental health videos to help you empower your mind and train your brain.

Guided imagery Scripts - word-for-word coaching to help you meditate, get into heart coherence and easily focus your mind whenever you want to.

Mind Health Stress Management - 5 week live, in-person.

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