Grief Management And Loss Counseling

Find out how best to proceed out of sadness and sorrow with these three simple key steps of grief management and loss counseling. 

"The more we fear facing the pain of loss, the more our minds remain focused and stay tied to the past"

So therefore, it's important for us to face the loss, process it, and be free.

With these 3 key steps of grief management and loss counseling, you transform sadness and sorrow into joyful memories, feelings of love and forgiveness, and a positive attitude for the future..

of course, it takes time. you just go at your own pace and speed. Go as slowly as you want to.

Answer the following questions in these three steps...

  1. how best to proceed
  2. seeing the whole picture
  3. reset and refocus

How Best To Proceed

Briefly describe what happened to cause you to feel grief.

Get a piece of paper, notepad or copy and paste these questions...

  1. What did I tangibly lose? (physical)
  2. what did I intangibly lose? (non-physical, abstract)
  3. How am I different since the loss?
  4. What does the loss mean to me?
  5. What negative impacts has this loss had on me?
  6. What are the painful thoughts, feelings and emotions?
  7. Does this loss remind me of past losses I've had?
  8. What are the factors that stop me from grieving my losses?

Turn grief, sadness and sorrow into joy, love, forgiveness and a positive attitude for the future.

Seeing The Whole Picture

  • What haven't I lost?
  • What have I learned?
  • What have I gained?
  • What positive benefits can i still receive?
  • What goodness in the world has assisted me so far?
  • What inner strengths do i now realize I have?
  • What person qualities got me through this loss?
  • What did I or am I doing well?
  • What have I done since my loss that is uplifting and noteworthy?
  • What are my values?
  • What memories can I think about and cherish that may have been buried by this loss?
  • What can I still enjoy?

Reset And Refocus

  1. What could i say to others, and myself, about their loss to help heal and complete any unfinished tasks?
  2. What thoughts, feelings and positive affirmations could help me with the loss?
  3. What do I still need to help me heal?
  4. What goals can I set to transition to a more healthy living life and go on without the loss?
  5. If I were over my grief, what would I like to be thinking about and doing now with my life?
  6. Imagine yourself one year in the future. When you remember your loss, the pain is not so intense. How did you do that?
  7. Again, imagine yourself two years in the future. When you remember your loss, the pain is not so intense. How did you do that?

Tips For Grief Management And Loss Counseling 

watch and practice the Mind Wellness Technique videos to keep you grounded and present as well as making sure you keep a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Here are some more proven tips to help you...

  • Look at photos before the trauma and loss. Remember and cultivate these qualities
  • Give a place for the grief to reside by memorializing the loss
  • Release guilt, shame, self-judgement
  • How can loss turn into a gain?
  • Thoughts and feelings you can cultivate to better deal with the loss
  • Forgiveness
  • Future Life Progression Technique

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