Guided Imagery Scripts And Videos

Enhancing the power of your conscious and subconscious mind by using these proven and powerful Guided Imagery Scripts.

These guided imagery scripts and videos help you learn how to remove mind stress, aid the body to relax, balance hormones and calm the overactive mind.

These mind power techniques include visualizations, self hypnosis, mindfulness meditations, affirmations, videos, audio and much, much more.

Powerful Guided Imagery Scripts

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Breathing Exercises For Anxiety - anxiety symptoms treatment and self help remedy to stop and beat stress and calm the mind.

Mind Control Your Body - connects the mind and body together so you can control your body whenever you want to.

Mind Wellness - using the power of the mind to focus on breathing, relaxing the whole body and using imagination and visualization to think about uplifting, energizing positive experiences.

Relaxation On Demand - training your Subconscious mind to automatically and naturally relax the body using the power of affirmations and Autogenic Training.

Mind Control Your Thoughts - gain power and control of your mind by recognizing, stopping and push away the vast number of thoughts that are trying to get your attention,

Visualization Empowerment - take control of your mind, guiding and disciplining. giving your mind power, balances emotions and calms the overactive, wandering mind.

Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Technique - expands your mind and trains your brain to expect new insights, learning's and creativity to pop up unexpectedly. This guided imagery script enhances your imagination and visualization skills.

Letting Go Of Mind Stuff - removing physical habits, negative thoughts and draining emotional behaviors to make room for uplifting, energizing and positive one's.

You Get What You Think About - this script and technique incorporates the law of cause and effect, law of attraction, intention and positive affirmations.

Mindfulness Heart - takes your feelings out of your head and into heart and makes anything you do more heartfelt and real.

Social Anxiety Self Help - removes the panic and fear of social interactions and events. The key is preparing the mind.

Mind Health And Body Wellness - visualization techniques that uses the power or your Subconscious mind create pictures of happiness, health, peace, relaxation, calmness, strength and freedom. This technique is the foundation of all other mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises here are

Focus and Memory Recall Empowerment - under stress, concentrate, focus and memory go way down, and most people experience the phenomena of "brain fog" This exercise will clear that away.

Power Of The Faith Factor - This proven mind technique takes advantage of the benefits and the resounding power of faith, just by focusing and thinking about things, places, people, a prayer and even stories that really mean something to you.

Thoughts Create Purposetrain your brain to uncover and act upon a purpose, goal, desire, idea, mission and even your life purpose. It specifically directs the Subconscious mind to use the power of intuition, courage and the faith factor.

Mind Anchoring Positive Thoughts And Emotions - using this proven and famous NLP technique, you can use your body to help you experience specific positive thoughts, emotions and feelings.

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Best Scripts I've Read On The Internet 
Fantastic work, my friend. I love all the guided imagery scripts you've provided for free. The best part about them is that they are targeted and customized …

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