Healthy Relationships Astrology

Find out who you are compatible with using these healthy relationships astrology details, below.

Discover healthy relationships techniques for romance, marriage, partner, interests and more.

Planet Indicators

Sun - self, soul, father, individuality, rational mind, honor, status. Sunday.

Moon - personality, emotions, sociability, mother, home, happiness, popularity. Monday.

Mars - friends, enemies, brothers, enmity, energy, injury, logic, science. Tuesday.

Mercury - childhood, education, intellect, speech, commerce, vocation, adaptability. Wednesday.

Jupiter - health, husband, guru, grace, dharma, principle, wealth, fortune, children, creativity. Thursday.

Venus - love, beloved, wife, art, transporting from one place to another, comfort, beauty, charm, charisma. Friday.

Saturn - loss, longevity, old age, disease, death, sorrow, property, fate, limitation, obstruction, detachment.

Rahu - psychic disturbances, disease, collective trends, mass disturbances, epidemics.

Ketu - injury, death, enmity, negation, knowledge, liberation, psychic or spiritual insight.

Gunas And Planets They Influence

Sattva - Sun, Moon, Jupiter

light, clarity, harmony, balance, intelligence, spiritual movement of the soul, divinity, 

Rajas - Mercury, Venus

energy, action, turbulence, disturbance, passion, aggression, competition, demonic, keeping soul in thus world. Seek worldly things and achievement as the main goal.

Tamas - Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

animal quality, inertia, darkness, dullness, obstruction, heavy, lethargy. decay, servitude, domination, destruction, harmful, useless, unintelligent, useless. Keeps the soul bonded to this world. 

Natural Planet Dispositions

Greater Benefic - Jupiter

Lesser Benefic -Venus

General Benefic - Moon, Mercury

Greater Malefic - Saturn, Rahu

Lesser Malefic - Mars, Ketu

General Malefic - Sun

The Signs For Healthy Relationship Astrology

Here are the 12 signs of the zodiac...

  1. Aries - positive Mars, cardinal fire. Head. Ram. Independence, force, self-expression, strong orientation.
  2. Taurus - negative Venus, fixed earth. Face, neck. Bull. 
  3. Gemini

Exaltation Of Planets

Sun - Aries 10 degrees

Moon - Taurus 3 degrees

Mars - Capricorn 28 degrees

Mercury - Virgo 15 degrees

Jupiter - Cancer 5 degrees

Venus - Pisces 27 degrees

Saturn - Libra 20 degrees

Rahu - Taurus 20 degrees

Ketu - Scorpio 20 degrees

The Houses For Healthy Relationship Astrology

1st House - self, me, ego, head.

2nd House - gathering and holding of personal and material resources.

3rd House - curiosity and research.

4th House - mothers, home and emotional happiness.

5th House - soul nature and creative intelligence.

6th House - health, disease, work and service.

7th House - relationship and partnership.

8th House - sex, death, occult, dark and hidden side of life.

9th House - religious, philosophical, ethical principles and opinions.

10th House - public status, achievement, recognition, 

11th House - aspirations, goals. Intelligence and friendship.

12th House - subconscious and hidden emotional nature.

Reading Your Vedic Astrology Chart

  1. degrees of the Ascendant and all planets
  2. Ascendant lord placement - for the body
  3. Moon placement - for the mind
  4. Sun placement - for the soul
  5. all other planet placements
  6. debilitated planets
  7. exalted planets
  8. any planets in their own signs
  9. Nakshatra Moon placement - actual mind direction
  10. aspects
  11. functional malefic and functional benefic planets
  12. square, trine and sextile of planets
  13. Dasha - planetary periods
  14. yearly transits
  15. divisional charts
  16. what yoga's are present


Study an issue according to the...

  1. house that relates to it
  2. ruler of the house
  3. house significator
  4. houses from the Ascendant
  5. houses from the Moon

Aspects to all these above factors are considered.

  • All planets aspect the 7th sign from where they are located.
  • Mars also aspects the 4th and 8th signs.
  • Jupiter also aspects the 5th and 9th signs.
  • Saturn also aspects the 3rd and 10th signs.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is the feminine/yin side of Mars.

A profound and mysterious sign.

It is a water sign and the sexual organs of the cosmic person.

Being the 8th sign, Scorpions need balance and stability on a deeper or psychic level.

People born in Scorpio are usually soldiers, police, or athletes.

Good muscles and like to exercise.

When mentally developed, they have a very good capacity to do research and inquiry and may become chemists, alchemists or surgeons.

Because Scorpions have a great ability to express powerful emotions, they can become poets, artists and actors.

Can be prone to the use of force on a physical level. (in a positive way, when you're dealing with the most difficult landlords, you use your Mars to get things done).

Evolved Scorpio people enjoy exploring the depths of the mind and may have an interest in the occult and yoga. 

Their Kundalini can be easily awakened.

Scorpions my get obsessed with the battle between light/positive and darkness/negative. May like to work to overcome negative forces.

Fascinated with techniques and technologies for directing energy, inwardly or outwardly.

Scorpio people are very intelligent and perceptive, but usually like to remain behind the scenes.

They do not express themselves quickly because they are cautious people.

They are very good at debate and skilled orators.

Scorpions are very passionate and can get sexually attached.

When Scorpio is out of balance, they can become prone to vice, perversity, the underworld side of life, emotionally or physically violent.

Scorpio people are usually intense, secretive, introverted and sometimes troubled.

They can get stuck on the emotional level, so Scorpio types need to keep their emotions clear, pure and free of envy and attachment.

Scorpio people have that rare ability to be very philosophical and have a profound, insightful mind.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is the male/yang/positive side of Saturn.

It is an air sign and the lower legs of the cosmic person.

Being the 11th sign, it indicates the group and needs of the masses.

On a lower level, Aquarius people are the most negative of all types. They criticize themselves greatly, falsely believe in others. This can tend more to sexual deviation than the other signs.

They tend to do what they are told not to do and tend to befriend people they should avoid. This results in energy that is blocked, dissipated, confused or darkened.

They may gravitate to a lower, degrading role in life. Can become criminal/underworld leaders.

On a higher level, Aquarian's have more faith and the capacity to surrender the ego to the Divine. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of all. 

Strong humanitarians who take the side of the oppressed.

Aquarian's can suffer from guilt and like to blame themselves.

They act selflessly in relation to their faith and can become saintly.

Aquarian's can become eccentric and scattered in what they do, and unclear to who they really are.

They lack charisma but their faith and devotion can make them religious leaders and teachers.

The water they bring is of truth from their intuitive perceptions.

Healthy Relationships

Some key areas for a healthy relationship are...

  • communication
  • quality time
  • emotions
  • positive attitude
  • active listening
  • equality
  • intimacy
  • love

... for romantic, family, friends, work and social media.

Click here to discover more details about healthy relationships.

Benefits Of Having A Healthy Relationship

  • mindful communication techniques
  • manage your quality time in each relationship
  • active listening - making sure what people say you understand
  • active talking - truth, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind
  • let everyone contribute to the conversation
  • instilling feelings of appreciation, forgiveness, love, togetherness and harmony
  • creating your own space with a sense of safety and security
  • increase relationships that are positive, energizing and uplifting
  • remove relationships that are negative and draining
  • use your digital devices with more consciousness of what you are doing, staying away from gossip
  • health balance of key hormones

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