Healthy Relationships

Here are the five key types for evaluating healthy relationships, lifestyle and mind stress...

  1. romantic
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. work
  5. friends and mentions on business and social media...

...and it can be very complex - communication, quality time, emotions, positive attitude, active listening, equality, intimacy and love.

Here, I'll coach you through some easy mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises to help you with these 5 types of relationships back into a healthy balance with all the other 13 key areas of your life.

These simple and effective techniques will also help...

  • manage your quality time in each relationship
  • active listening - making sure what people say you understand
  • active talking - truth, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind
  • let everyone contribute to the conversation
  • instilling feelings of appreciation, forgiveness, love, togetherness and harmony
  • creating your own space with a sense of safety and security
  • increase relationships that are positive, energizing and uplifting
  • remove relationships that are negative and draining
  • use your digital devices with more consciousness of what you are doing, staying away from gossip
  • health balance of key hormones

Communication Foundation

Mindful Listening – being neutral and non-judgmental. Totally listening to someone talking to you without interrupting them. Allowing people to finish what they are saying. Paraphrase back what they just said so you both know it was understood.

Mindful Talking – T.H.I.N.K. - before you speak, ask yourself this question - Is what I'm about to say?...

  • True
  • Helpful
  • Inspiring
  • Necessary
  • Kind

Equality - everyone is considered equal and that means everyone should get an equal share of being listened to.

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Exercises For Healthy Relationships

Click on the following links below to find out about mind power techniques to help you and your relationships...

Mind Wellness Techniques videos - practice just 5 minutes every day, twice a day, to replenish your energy for your relationships, along with balance emotions and quieten the active mind.

Power Bubble Technique videos - guided imagery to help you train your brain to subconsciously choose positive relationships and remove negative ones.

Train Your Brain Map Technique videos - helps in time management and what you want to say and do.

Healthy relationships astrology - learn or get a reading discovering the planets, stars and zodiac signs and find out what they say about you and your partner.

Mind Reset And Prepare Technique video - prime yourself of negative interactions in certain relationships.

Mind Power For Change Technique video - breaking away from draining relationships or changing them to positive ones

Double Mind Awareness Technique video - increases the feelings of forgiveness, compassion, love and appreciation.

Hormone Health - signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances. Discover the importance of these 11 essential hormones for a healthy, long sex life - estrogen, thyroid, cholesterol, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol, testosterone, insulin, growth hormone, endorphins and oxytocin.

How to write an affirmation - one of the best ways to inform your subconscious mind what relationships you wand and how present relationships can be.

How to Hygge - experience the European style of happiness and being cozy by yourself or with friends and family.

Time Management Guide - your time is very valuable and precious. Don't waste it or allow anyone else to waste it. Who do you want to spend quality time with?

Mind Mentor Technique video - using the imaginary power of an adviser, teacher or someone you look up to to inspire and motivate you.

Health benefits of laughing - ideas and tips on ways to laugh with others more regularly.

Grief Management and Loss Counseling Guide - 3 steps to transform sadness and sorrow into joyful memories, feelings of love and forgiveness, and a positive attitude for the future.

Healthy Living Guide - rate yourself in the other 13 key areas of your life and discover which areas you need help and coaching in.

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