Healthy Sleep

Getting a good nights healthy sleep is a major problem for a lot of people as the latest science research studies show. Over 60 million Americans suffer from sleepless nights, commonly known as insomnia.

Here, I'll coach you through some easy mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises to help you get a better nights sleep, waking up refreshed, and balanced with all the other 13 key areas of your life.

These simple and effective techniques will also help...

  • experiencing eight hours of sleep
  • waking up energized and refreshed
  • less fatigue during the day
  • boost immune system naturally
  • removing neck and back pain, and headaches
  • instead of dreading to go to bed, you'll look forward to it
  • easily experience Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
  • relaxing the mind and to allow the brain to go into the Theta and Delta brain wave states
  • increase hormone health
  • greatly reduces mind stress, anxiety and recurring negative thoughts
  • find out what foods make you tired, sleepy and sluggish

Natural Healthy Sleep Aids

  1. go to bed and close our eyes before 10pm. Don't stay up to gone midnight
  2. length of undisturbed sleep wants to be more than six hours and preferably eight
  3. here's a comprehensive list and information on natural stress relievers
  4. eliminate alcohol 
  5. stop sugar intake
  6. eat  light snack before going to bed
  7. people find they sleep better if the temperature in the bedroom is on the cool side
  8. Mind Wellness Techniques to induce heart rate variability
  9. experience fun, joy and cheerfulness throughout the day. This will start to blend into your sleep
  10. surround yourself with calm colors, like lavender, green, blue and yellow
  11. take a warm bath with Epsom salts or even a shower 
  13. take a small amount of a magnesium dosage 
  14. cut down on the digital device usage, especially just before bedtime. The blue light and the electromagnetic fields can easily disturb your wanting to sleep
  15. press on your neurovascular points which are all over your head and face
  16. foot massage therapy and reflexology just before bed
  17. herbal teas and beverages, such as chamomile
  18. aromatherapy and essential oils
  19. Bach Flower's Rescue Remedy blend of flower essences
  20. ground yourself by taking a barefoot walk on the earth. It's called Earthing
  21. having a healthy home life

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Techniques And Exercises For A Full Night Of Healthy Sleep

Sleep Zone News - techniques, tools, tips and ideas for better sleep patterns

Feeling tired, sleepy and sluggish - a short video by doctor Sangeeta Pati MD of SaJune Medical Center.

Foods that make you tired - stay away from these foods. Also, think about taking a healthy body detox.

Mind Wellness Techniques video - practice just 5 minutes every day, twice a day, to prepare your body and mind for deep, relaxing sleep, balancing emotions and quietening the active mind so you can just drift off.

Autogenic Relaxation Techniques video - as well as a relaxed, calm mind, you also need a relaxed and calm body.

Hormone Health Guide - signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances. One of the main one's is sleep issues and insomnia. Discover the importance of these 11 essential hormones for a healthy, long life - cholesterol, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, insulin, oxytocin and growth hormone

Adrenal-Ade - increases the function of your adrenal glands as well as changing your body PH to alkaline.

Power Bubble Technique videos - makes sure the subconscious mind understands that you want eight hour of restful sleep.

Mind Reset and Prepare Technique video - the most important part of sleeping is what you do before you go to bed.

How to write an affirmation - like a GPS for your brain, this technique directs your conscious and subconscious mind for a restful nights sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation video - this exercise teaches your mind to stay in the present moment, and the perfect way to end your day.

Healthy Living Guide - rate yourself in the other 13 key areas of your life and discover which areas you need help and coaching in.

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Train Your Brain For Healthier Sleep

Click on the following links below and start to train your brain and empower your mind with these guided imagery and powerful affirmations to help your sleep and wake up with a positive attitude...

Calming strong healthy breathing love focusing

Creating generous focusing zen healthy satisfaction

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