SaJune Social Heart Coherence Initiative

We Influence Each Other By
The Energy Fields We Create

Latest research proves the benefits of group, team and social heart coherence on the health of your mind, body and hormones.

As the group focuses on uplifting, energizing, positive and coherence thoughts, feelings and emotions, there is a connection between all hearts.

When we think about and write down a feeling we want to experience today, it influences our own and everyone's heart rate variability patterns and rhythms in this social group.

3rd To 7th December, 2018

  • energizing
  • flow
  • calm
  • cool
  • loved
  • curing
  • happy
  • assured
  • confidence
  • relaxing
  • connected
  • accomplishing
  • organizing
  • rest
  • blessed
  • peaceful
  • energy
  • calm
  • focus
  • thankful
  • hope
  • happy
  • relaxing
  • joy
  • abundance
  • fit!
  • harmony
  • successful
  • powerful
  • fabulous
  • inspiring
  • healing
  • listening

  • shalom
  • fearless
  • wonder
  • uplifting
  • recharged
  • accomplishing
  • fun
  • content
  • patience
  • encouraging
  • thankful
  • peaceful
  • relief
  • blessed
  • appreciating
  • confidence
  • uplifting
  • miracles
  • powerful
  • productive
  • radiant
  • grateful
  • successful
  • sweet
  • energizing
  • letting go
  • freedom
  • weekend

Click here for the Train Your Brain Map Technique - a short video on how you can do the above exercise at home.

SaJune Social Heart Coherence Benefits

  • create group or social coherence for staff, patients and clients
  • create a new baseline of coherence, focus, confidence and relaxation
  • Increased synchronization in the higher-level brain systems
  • synchronizes the brain waves and the heart rhythms
  • a greater and easier capacity to self-regulate behaviors
  • increased parasympathetic activity and vagus nerve activity
  • entrainment between physiological rhythms
  • coordinated activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • cardiovascular system resonance
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • easier communication with others
  • feeling a sense of connection with others
  • heart to heart communication
  • subtle communication over long distances
  • synchronize brain waves and the heart
  • the best time management techniques. You will save time
  • easier learning, focus, clarity and composure
  • less conflict, bitterness and resentment
  • more happy, healthy, strong and community-minded
  • increased energy
  • healthier breathing patterns
  • mind stress relief and better memory recall
  • reduction in muscle and joint pan
  • increases your hormone health
  • boost immune system naturally

"We influence each other by the energetic fields we create."

Power Of Personal, Global And Social Heart Coherence

Click on the following links below to find out more...

Mind Wellness Technique video - practice this easy, 3-step exercise to quickly get yourself into a healthy, heart coherent state. Can be done anywhere and even you are busy and on-the-go.

What is social heart coherence? - powerful mindful group meditations, Read the latest science research into social heart coherence.

What is global heart coherence?

Power of heart coherence.

Mind Check Technique video- or HeartMath's Spot Check Technique is an easy-to-do, on-the-go mind control. You check into your mind's activity and see if you are focusing on negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Then, change and control your mind towards thoughts you want to think.

Mindfulness Heart Technique video - takes you out of your head and into your heart, increasing the health of your mind, body and hormones.

Power Of Pause Technique - connect with your heart's intuitive thoughts, feelings and insights.

SaJune Medical Center - Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine. Meet the doctors and staff.

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HeartMath Inner Balance app - clearly demonstrates the power of heart coherence. Research studies prove that regular practice using this app helps remove mind stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, irritation, moodiness, insomnia, digestive problems, being tired all the time, exercises the heart muscle, increases and intuition.

HeartMath Institute - latest science research studies, techniques using the power of heart coherence.

Mind Power Research - mind and the power of heart coherence.

Mind Power Techniques - mindfulness meditation exercises and guided imagery scripts, helping you live your best life ever!

"I'm not stressed!" - or are we?

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