Heart Rate Variability

Naturally occurring changes of heart beats, rates and rhythms is heart rate variability.

HRV is a non-invasive tool anyone can use to find out more the state of their physical, emotional, mental and behavioral mechanisms.

HRV is a scientific measurement used for calculating and quantifying a persons health and resiliency.

Latest science research studies from the HeartMath Institute show that heart rate variability is one of the major indicators of how resilient you are to mind stress and your environmental demands.

Click here for details on heart intelligence and how it effects brain function.

Heart Rate Variability Meaning

As long as the variability is not too much, the irregularity of your heart beats, rates and rhythms are very normal in a healthy person.

For example, HeartMath scientists have provided for us specific heart rhythm patterns that show balance, harmony and high performance within the body-mind structure...

  • autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  • digestive system
  • gland secretion
  • heart rates
  • breathing rates
  • positive and negative emotions and feelings

In my practice, like so many others, I use heart rate variability to help and coach people through...

  1. pain issues
  2. dis-ease processes
  3. stress management
  4. anxiety and depression
  5. fear and overwhelm
  6. negative thinking
  7. weight issues
  8. post traumatic stress disorder to name just a few

Many others use heart rate variability in a variety of settings...

  • army
  • police
  • schools
  • health professions
  • correction facilities
  • corporations

Mind Stress And The Amygdala

In my stress management and coaching practice, I can monitor a patients HRV with biofeedback software and it may show that the person is stressed out, even though they say they are not.

This is because a part of their brain has reset their stress baseline.

It is just like a persons pain threshold - it goes up when they are in constant, chronic pain. In the same way, a persons mind stress threshold goes up when they are in constant, chronic stress.

Click here to find out more about mind stress and amygdala.

Heart Rate Variability Resilience Techniques

Click on the following links below for easy-to-d0 tools...

Mind Wellness Techniques videos - breathing, relaxing and focusing your mind on a positive attitude and appreciation.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise video - 5 minutes will give excellent health results for your mind, body and hormones.

Power Of Pause Technique - how to put your mind in a state of relaxation.

The HeartMath Inner Balance App Benefits

You can now buy an app and a simple piece of hardware for your phone to check your beats and rhythms of your heart rate variability, and more...

  • use trends to track your physical fitness
  • build and reinforce healthier habits
  • monitors your stress levels in real-time
  • helps your to start taking control of your mind
  • able to monitor your emotional states and how it effects your heart, brain and nervous system
  • trains your brain to move your thoughts, feelings and emotions of mind stress to the awareness of emotional balance, coherence and a positive attitude
  • measures and shows your heart coherence levels
  • removes mind and brain fog by helping you move into emotional composure, inner strength and clearer thinking and reasoning
  • acts like a natural self help remedy for mind stress, severe anxiety, worry, overwhelm, irritation, depression, fear, mood swings, insomnia, negative thoughts, being tired all the time, digestive issues
  • you can see from the Inner Balance app display right on your phone what's going on inside your body and mind, and actually see yourself shift into a state of health, balance and self-resilience
  • available for both Android and iPhone

Click here to access more information and the best way to buy the HeartMath Inner Balance app.

Click on the link to find out more about the HeartMath Institute.

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Integrative Holistic Health Program

The Integrative Holistic Health Program is my most powerful and comprehensive method of assessing your current health status.

As a certified holistic health life coach, I make sure it's customized to all your health needs, and your top health and wellness goals.

My belief is that you have the ability to heal yourself, when given the right knowledge, techniques, tools, love and encouragement to return the mind and body to its natural state.

My 90 day Integrative Holistic Health Program is based on SaJune's 5 Point Restorative Model developed by Medical Director, Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD.

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Click on the following links below for more HeartMath Inner Balance app related details...

Mind Power Techniques videos - Practice using the HeartMath Inner Balance app along with these proven mind power techniques and let them enhance the Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Real-time monitoring on how you are doing in each of the techniques.

  1. What is social heart coherence?
  2. What is global heart coherence?
  3. Mind power research

Guided Imagery Scripts - I've provided you with basic and effective scripts that you can use, customize and modify to your needs.

Heart coherence - SaJune Medical Center participating in a social and global heart coherence initiative using the Train Your Brain Map Technique.

Mindfulness Heart Technique video - gets you out of your busy mind and into your heart space to increase the health of your mind, body and hormones.

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