Hormone HCG Diet For Weight Loss

Using the Hormone HCG Diet For Weight Loss Personalized Plan. SaJune Medical Center's Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD and her certified nutrition expert, Bridgette Ruge, have successfully worked with hundreds of patients to lose weight safely and consistently.

Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD also is an expert in bio identical hormone treatment and replacement therapy.

What Is The Hormone HCG Diet?

HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadoptopin, a hormone produced by the body, naturally.

Through scientific research studies conducted in 1954, it was found that HCG helped the removal of fat faster from specific areas of the  body when combined with a special diets, such as a low calorie one.

Some of the most attractive benefits of the hormone HCG diet for weight loss is...

  • burns up fat stores
  • does not burn away muscle
  • releases a large amount of calories into the body which prevents hunger pangs and allowing the body to go into starvation mode

The HCG diet will also help correct...

  • food cravings, especially for sugar and fats
  • emotional eating habits
  • hunger pangs
  • low metabolism
  • hormone imbalances

The HCG diet program duration is anywhere from twenty-six days to forty days, depending on your goals and the weight to be lost.

We include weekly in-person or phone coaching visits during the program.

HCG Diet Results

Obviously, results will vary from patient to patient, but...

  • age
  • male or female; gender
  • hormone health
  • body fat ratio
  • individual metabolic rate
  • digestive power, and
  • doing the program, following through, willing to be coached

At SaJune Medical Center, the hormone HCG diet is 40 days.

The average weight loss on the LONG HCG program (40 days) is 20-25 pounds for women and 25-30 pounds for men.  For the SHORT HCG program, women can expect a 10-15 pound loss and men, a 20-25 pound loss. Results will vary by individual based on program adherence, gender, body fat ratio, and individual metabolic rate. The average rate of weight loss is half a pound to one pound per day. We have not found any significant difference in rate of loss between the sublingual form versus then injections.

Who Would Benefit From The HCG Diet

  1. individuals who need to loose at least fifteen pounds
  2. people who are over 30% body fat
  3. individuals who are at very high health risk
  4. people who are obese
  5. a person who really needs to commit to a highly structured and monitored weight loss program
  6. anyone who wants to loose the last ten pounds of stubborn weight
  7. people who want results

Hormone Health

Click on the following links below to find out about important hormones for your body and mind health...

Ketogenic Diet


A ketogenic diet is any diet that forces the body into a process called ketosis, whereby fats are burned instead of carbohydrates for use as energy. A ketogenic diet calls for the dieter to consume high amounts of fat, adequate amounts of protein, and very low amounts of carbohydrates. Our bodies are used to turning carbohydrates into glucose to use for energy. When we enter ketosis by sufficiently limiting our carbohydrate intake, our livers start breaking down fat cells into fatty acids and ketones, to be used as energy instead.


A ketogenic diet is very effective for:


  • Fat loss
  • Managing hunger
  • Managing sugar cravings
  • Controlling insulin spikes and swings in blood sugar
  • Preventing and treating certain types of diseases. Cancer cells thrive on glucose and carbohydrates thus the Ketogenic diet is often seen as a useful way to help improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Fasting (the complete abstinence of food) and ketogenic diets are metabolically very similar. The ketogenic diet attempts to mimic the metabolic effects of fasting while food is being consumed.  This diet consists primarily of fat, making it very tasty and satiating, with a focus on plant oils, avocados, nuts, grass-fed butter, ghee, etc. Protein intake is moderate and consisting of grass-fed and organic meats and carbohydrate consumption is low and consists of water and fiber-filled above-ground vegetables.


This non-restrictive and healthy method of eating is easily implemented, effective, and delicious—making it a popular choice for patients looking to lose weight and improve their health.  Our health and nutrition coach will help guide you through this program every step of the way!


Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is a term for an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It does not say anything about which foods you should eat, but rather when you should eat them. In this respect, it is not a “diet” in the conventional sense. It is more accurately described as an “eating pattern.” Common intermittent fasting methods involve daily 16 hour fasts, or fasting for 24 hours, twice per week.


Humans have been fasting throughout evolution. Sometimes it was done because food was not available, and it has also been a part of major religions, including Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t have supermarkets, refrigerators or food available year-round and yet were healthier that Americans are today.  They often went for long periods time of time without food while looking for their next food source. In fact, fasting from time to time is more “natural” than constantly eating 3-4 (or more) meals per day.


With intermittent fasting:


  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) increases by as much as 5-fold
  • Insulin sensitivity improves
  • Cellular repair takes place
  • Hormones are released that aid in fat-loss and muscle construction
  • Weight loss occurs
  • Muscle building occurs more efficiently
  • Inflammation reduces
  • Blood lipids normalize
  • Alzheimer’s risk deceases
  • Cancer risk deceases
  • You live longer!

Most people should be doing some form of fasting as even fasting just once a month is shown to have health benefits. Our health and nutrition coach will help you learn how to work this concept into your lifestyle for optimal results.

 To schedule appointments or get more information about Weight Loss Programs, Call 407-487-4477 SaJune! Serving clients in Orlando, Baldwin Park, and Winter Park, FL.

Hormone HCG Diet Testimonials

Keto diet

Health benefits of intermittent fasting

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