How To Hygge Guide

The pronunciation of Hygge is easy, it's hoo-gah. How to Hygge is also simple to incorporate into your life. So, what is the meaning of Hygge?

It's a Danish style living experience, and now other countries are catching on to its benefits.

In England UK, 2016. According to the Collins English Dictionary, the word Hygge was the second most used and searched word online. The first most popular word was brexit.

The definition of Hygge includes the feelings of happiness, feeling cozy, sharing pleasures, hugs and feelings of love.

It can also include friendly and togetherness, equality to all, being soft and gentle and feeling safe and secure.

The benefits of the Hygge living experience include the following 14 key areas of your life set out here at the's Healthy Living Guide.

  • Being Present
  • Appreciation
  • Mind Health
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Sleep
  • Home Life
  • Outside of Home
  • Healthy Pleasures
  • Your Life Purpose
  • Work and Career
  • Money
  • Time
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth

Some Hygge Ingredients To Meditation On

I've outlined these in more detail below...

How To Hygge Using Your Inner Senses

Hygge is not just about tangible things, people. objects and places. It's more about intangible, abstract concepts and the use and experience of our inner senses to detect and feel at a deeper level.

It's really not what we do that we like, its how it makes us feel.

So, as you practice Hygge'ling, think about and focus on your feelings rather than just doing something and focusing all your attention outside.

Click here for details of mind power techniques on how to relax the mind.

Feelings Of The Heart

When learning how to Hygge you start with the Heart...

  • coziness of the Soul
  • happiness
  • slow
  • easy
  • comfy
  • family and friends
  • good company
  • casualness
  • art of creating intimacy
  • closeness to nature
  • present moment
  • cocoa by candlelight
  • togetherness
  • respect
  • absence of annoyance
  • peace

Click here for mind power techniques on how to practice mindfulness.


Hygge'ling is big on light, especially natural light. The Danes are also the number one country for buying and using non-toxic candles. They usually burn at least six candles at a time.


The Little Book of Hygge states that "Hygge is like a hug without touching."

You know you are in a Hygge moment when you're together with people and the common statement is "remember the time..."

But, the most important part of togetherness in Hygge is that everyone is equal, everyone contributes equally to the conversation, and every one is in a state of relaxed thoughtfulness.

The feeling of togetherness releases a special hormone in the body called oxytocin. Scroll down to find out more about it.


As we just stated above, Equality is very important in Hygge.

It's about being mindful on how you create and sustain relationships, whether they are social, family or work relationships. 

Allow all your relationships to flourish with equality and shape your society.

The other part of equality is making sure, as much as you can, to have a balance and equal measure between your work, home and family time.

Did you know that 78% of Danes have friends or family over once a week for a meal and a drink.

Last, but not least, Equality is about We over me. How to Hygge is all about sharing and caring.


By learning simple mind power techniques to help and coach you in being present in this moment for as long as possible. This has many advantages. Here are some major ones to focus on...

  1. You're able to anticipate stressful situations approaching.It reduces anxiety, worry, overwhelm, depression and being-on-edge all the time.
  2. Allows you to have a bit of a digital detox as you cannot really be on your phone or computer and be present.
  3. It's known to be healthier.
  4. You become more coherent and resilience because you naturally will go into a healthy Heart Rate Variability (HRV) pattern.
  5. You participate in proper listening - active listening - mindful listening. Do don't interrupt people when they are speaking. You may repeat to someone what they just said to encourage good communication.
  6. You participate in proper talking. You don't gossip or mud-rake, and you think before you say anything... THINK...
  • T- is it True? what I'm just about to say?
  • H - is it Helpful or Hurtful?
  • I - is it Inspiring?
  • N - is it Necessary?
  • - is it Kind?

Click here for more information on being present and access to several Mind Health Techniques.


Hygge relies on good, respectful communication in and outside of the home. Practicing the skills of listening and talking. It helps in solving family issues and enhances the feelings of love and appreciation.

Here are some other Hygge points to consider...

Making sure you feel safe, secure and protected.

Create surroundings to be calming and relaxing. To do this, use different lighting, colors and textures.

Having a sense that you have your own space within your home.

Keeping an uplifting, energizing, positive attitude at home.

Maybe inviting friends or family members over for dinner or a drink once a week or so.

Creating meals and eating in is very important, not just for Hygge but for your own health.

And, one of the most important is making sure you can get your proper nights sleep. Having a comfortable bed and pillows.

Click here for more information about healthy home life along with related Mind Health Techniques.


It doesn't matter what your pleasures, just incorporate pleasures, fun and laughing into your life, every day. Enjoyment and pleasures are mainly calming, relaxing, and time doesn't exist.

Here's some examples...

  • vacations
  • chocolate
  • glass or two of alcohol
  • sex
  • socializing

Click here for more on healthy pleasures.


The best way to increase your body and mind health is to feel appreciation, gratitude, love and joy throughout the day.

Click here for tips and ideas on feeling appreciation.


It's about harmony between...

  1. your left brain and your right brain
  2. your inner self and your outer self
  3. you and others
  4. listening and talking
  5. what you think and what you feel


Find out how to Hygge by being comfortable. Comfort comes in many forms. Here are some examples you can incorporate into your life...

  • clothing
  • textures
  • atmosphere
  • home life
  • in your own skin
  • colors
  • surroundings
  • furniture
  • socially, with other people

The Oxytocin Effect

Dr. Kerstin Uvnas Moberg, the author of The Oxytocin Factor, states in his book that the best way to release oxytocin and lower stress levels is using touch, like massage therapy.

Click here and discover all the benefits of the oxytocin effects.

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