How To Write An Affirmation

There are many ways I can show you how to write an affirmation. Here is the proven formula I use for myself and my patients.

This successful affirmation formula has five ingredients which I will outline and give examples of below.

This will make it easy for you to formulate and write your own potent affirmations that will actually work.

Benefits Of Knowing How To Write An Affirmation

  • properly formed, well-crafted affirmations talk directly to the powerful subconscious mind
  • simple to write, clear and concise
  • easy to remember as you repeat them throughout the day
  • trains your brain to think thoughts you want it to think
  • uses the law of attraction
  • uses the law of cause and effect
  • the effective use of special, empowering words

The Subject Is You

The easiest way is to start your affirmation in either of two ways...

I am...

I, [your name]...

The Four Key Actions

There are four key actions I use to build the affirmation. Here they are in their most simplest form...

  1. I am breathing
  2. I am relaxing (calming)
  3. I am focusing
  4. I am thinking (imagining, pretending, remembering)

The Magic of "ing"

You'll notice that the four key actions above all end in "ing".

"Ing" makes the action happen, right now, in the present moment. 

Repeat the above four key actions and notice that you feel the action happening right now...

  • I am breathing
  • I am relaxing
  • I am calming
  • I am focusing
  • I am thinking
  • I am imagining
  • I am pretending
  • I am remembering

Awareness Words

You really need to use awareness words inside your affirmations as they guide the mind  to where you want it to go.

If you don't, the mind will wander wherever it wants to go.

Here are some very common examples of awareness words I use when writing positive, uplifting and energizing affirmations...

  • thinking
  • appreciating
  • feeling
  • remembering
  • having
  • sensing
  • experiencing
  • focusing
  • radiating
  • being

Again, you'll notice they all end in the magic ingredient, "ing".

The Four Ingredients On How To Write An Affirmation

So, let's put the four ingredients we've discussed together...

  1. subject
  2. key action
  3. "ing"
  4. awareness word write a very basic but powerful affirmation...

  • I am thinking about relaxing my muscles in my jaw.
  • I am appreciating my breath as I am focusing on the movement of my rib cage.
  • I am relaxing and feeling calming and comfortable.
  • I am remembering to think about my posture when I'm sitting at my computer.
  • I am radiating love and joy throughout my body and mind.
  • i am being present every moment as I'm breathing and relaxing.


Feeling is the fuel that makes the affirmation work as it easily and naturally taps into your subconscious mind.

We want it to root itself into the subconscious mind so it becomes automatic, natural, spontaneous and easy to do.

We've already started adding this key ingredient into the affirmation in the examples above.

Here are some common examples of feeling words I use for myself and with my patients...

  • freedom
  • healthy
  • strong
  • patience
  • enthusiasm
  • love
  • relaxing
  • calming
  • happy
  • good
  • flowing
  • exciting

The Five Ingredients On How To Write An Affirmation

So, let's put the five ingredients we've discussed together...

  1. subject
  2. key action
  3. "ing"
  4. awareness word
  5. feelings write a very basic but powerful affirmation...

  • I am focusing on my appreciation of the freedom I have to make the right choices, every day.
  • I am feeling healthy as I'm breathing and relaxing my body.
  • I am thinking about and remembering how strong I am, in my body and my mind.
  • I am having the sensation of being patient with myself and others throughout my day, today.
  • I am breathing in relaxing, joyful feelings and breathing out enthusiasm.
  • I am love
  • Like a laser-beam, I am focusing on relaxing my body and calming my mind.
  • I am calming
  • I am radiating happiness as I breathe
  • I am good and feeling good
  • I am experiencing the flowing feeling of being exciting, all day.

Click here for some potent examples of affirmations and how easily you can train your brain.

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