Integrative Holistic Health Program

Watch this short video below for a concise Integrative Holistic Health Program description by Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD and find out how we can help you live your best life ever.

This proven program aims to help you optimize your body-mind function, so it can do what it is supposed to do - keep you healthy, happy and free of disease by addressing the following those 5 key areas...

  1. mind health
  2. healthy body
  3. hormone health
  4. nutrition, food and natural supplements
  5. detoxification techniques

The above 5 natural, holistic treatment protocols have been taught to thousands of doctors all over America, who have successfully helped thousands of patients reverse disease over the last sixteen years.

Integrative Holistic Health Program

As a health life coach, this restorative and regenerative health approach is our most powerful and comprehensive method of assessing your current health status.

We make sure the next 90 days of your life are customized to all your health needs and your top health and wellness goals.

Our belief at SaJune Medical Center is that you have the ability to heal yourself when given the right knowledge, techniques, tools, love and encouragement to return the mind, body and hormones to their natural, healthy state.

Phone or text me, Scott Coleman at 407-617-6602.

This Integrative Holistic Health Program is based on SaJune's 5 Point Restorative Model developed by Medical Director, Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD.

Is The Integrative Holistic Health Program For You?

  • it's for any person of any age
  • it's perfect for the person who is interested and committed to help their body function optimally
  • the earlier a person starts this health program, the better you feel and the better reversal of existing conditions, signs and symptoms
  • we encourage parents to use this program to help their children stay healthy
  • under the doctors care, a person with a serious illness can even take this program
  • for healthy people who just want to get healthier

What To Expect At Your Initial Health And Wellness Consultation

Prior to your visit, you will be asked to fill out a simple self assessment questionnaire and identify your top three health goals.

With no obligation, you can click here and complete the Self Assessment Goal Setting Form.

During your initial consultation, I will explain a little bit about each area of the 5-Point Restorative Health Model...

  1. mind health
  2. healthy body
  3. hormone health
  4. nutrition, food and natural supplements
  5. detoxification

... and what you can personally do, with ease, in each of the key areas to get started on living your best life ever, right now!

First, we find what how your mind and body health is by rating these key questions...

  1. being tired - energy levels - morning, afternoon; tired all the time; fatigue and exhaustion; adrenal fatigue
  2. sleep patterns - are you able to get 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep? How many hours do you get a night?
  3. levels of anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and worry
  4. physical pain - muscles, tendons, joints, headaches, organs
  5. levels of mood fluctuations, especially with frustration
  6. digestion issues - leaky gut, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS
  7. causes, signs and symptoms of your mind stress

A major part of your initial health and wellness consultation will be an assessment of your individual situation, mind and body.

We can include the following tests and measurements, if required.

Health Program Options

For reaching your goals in the next 90 days, you can...

  • heart rate variability (HRV) - getting into the coherence state of mind
  • cell health using the phase angle measurement
  • baseline weight and weight loss
  • body fat
  • body PH
  • muscle mass
  • hydration
  • metabolic age
  • physique rating

Additions To Your Personalized Program

Although you'll find the 90 day Integrative Holistic Health Program very effective, at SaJune, we do offer a variety of additional proven interventions and techniques that you may choose as appropriate for you to achieve your top three goals.

These include...

You Will Leave With...

  1. a copy of your physical assessment results
  2. your written personalized 90 day Integrative Holistic Health Plan based on the 5-Point Restorative Health Model
  3. and your top three goals

I'm available to assist and coach you in achieving your goals in your 90 day plan.

Connect with Scott

The best way is to phone or text me at 407-617-6602.

Or click here and complete the simple Connect Form.

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Holistic Health Life Program - my most powerful and comprehensive method of assessing your current health status.

Holistic Health Coach - I make sure our mind and body health and wellness plan is customized to all your needs and goals. My belief is that you have the ability to heal yourself, when given the right knowledge, techniques, tools, love and encouragement to return the mind and body to its natural state.

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