Keto Diet

What to eat and what not to eat on this low carbohydrate, keto diet plan. Experience these healthy benefits of burning fat, losing weight and having more energy..

Here are some real easy, fundamental pointers to help you get yourself in ketosis...

Here is a list of most of the foods that you can eat...

  • low carbohydrate foods
  • vegetables that grow above the ground
  • water-filled leafy vegetables and fiber
  • green colored foods
  • no fruits but can use a minimal amount of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry
  • good, healthy fats
  • plant oils
  • dairy, mainly good, healthy cheese
  • eggs
  • butter and ghee
  • meat
  • seeds

Here is a list of foods to avoid...

  • high carbohydrate foods
  • vegetables that grow beneath the ground, like any kind of potato, beets etc
  • sugar, fruits and juices
  • unsafe, unhealthy fats


Your body is burning fat for fuel instead of sugar for energy.

For ketosis, a person has to eat...

  1. high amounts of good, healthy fat
  2. moderate amount of protein
  3. very low amounts of carbohydrates

In ketosis, by following the above three points, the liver starts to break down fat cells into smaller fatty acids and ketones for the use of our energy.

Keto Diet Benefits

  • weight loss and fat loss
  • you are less hungry
  • stops sugar cravings
  • more longer lasting energy
  • increases your mind and brain power
  • controls blood sugar and insulin spikes and swings
  • used by doctors for prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Enhance Your Ketogenic Diet Experience

Click on the following links below for more information...

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Apple cider vinegar benefits - for healthy mind, body and hormones. I offer you several ways you can incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet.

Low salt foods - list of foods to avoid and which salt is good for us.

What is intermittent fasting? - my two favorite, healthy ways to incorporate these fasting benefits into my diet plan.

Foods that make you tired, sleepy and sluggish - I also offer foods that give you a healthy boost of pure energy.

Mindfulness eating - to improve your digestion and get the most nutrients from your food.

Healthy Nutrition Guide - coaches you on how to get the best nutrition, where to find it and how to use it.

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HCG hormone diet - successful and guided by doctors and certified nutritionists.

Mind power techniques - these mindfulness meditation exercises can be modified and personalized to your motivation for your keto diet plan.

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