Letting Go Of Mind Stuff Technique

Watch the video below and practice letting go of mind stuff, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

This Letting Go of Mind Stuff Technique creates a powerful energy vibration directly instructing and guiding the subconscious mind.

When practiced once or twice a week, It will also help to increase your energy levels, balances emotions and hormones, and calms the overactive mind.

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Letting Go Of Mind Stuff Guided Imagery Script

  1. start by going to a place where you will be alone and not be disturbed
  2. sit on a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Do not lay down
  3. set a timer for fifteen to thirty minutes
  4. just sit there, being perfectly still
  5. when you are ready, practice your relaxing breathing technique for a minute or so - breathe in, belly out, breathe out, belly in
  6. for a minute or so, focus your attention by watching and witnesses your mind-thoughts
  7. when you decide, start pushing away or stopping all negative and positive thoughts from your mind that may distract you and want your attention
  8. now, when you are ready, focus on each body part in turn while repeating the following affirmations to yourself...
  9. "I am relaxing my jaw and face muscles. My jaw and face muscles are relaxing"
  10. "I am relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. My neck and shoulder muscles are relaxing"
  11. "I am relaxing my chest and belly muscles. My chest and belly muscles are relaxing"
  12. "I am relaxing my whole back muscles. My whole back is relaxing"
  13. "I am relaxing my arms, hands and fingers. My arms, hands and fingers are relaxing"
  14. ,"I am relaxing my legs, feet and toes. My legs, feet and toes are relaxing"
  15. now, start relaxing the mind by repeating the following affirmation statements three times each. Literally have a sense of and feel these words, feelings, emotions and sentiments letting go and floating away, just like a balloon in the sky...
  16. "I am now letting go of worry" Repeat three times
  17. "I am now letting go of any anxious thoughts" Repeat three times
  18. "i am now letting go of irritation, hatred and anger" Repeat three times
  19. "I am now letting go of fear" Repeat three times
  20. "I am now letting go of depression" Repeat three times
  21. "I am now letting go of sadness, grief and loss"
  22. "I am now letting go of envy and jealousy" Repeat three times
  23. "I am now letting go of disappointment" Repeat three times
  24. "I am now letting go of overwhelm" Repeat three times
  25. "I am now letting go of the feeling of running out of time" Repeat three times
  26. "I am now letting go of judging and being critical of others" Repeat three times
  27. repeat this letting go of negative, draining emotions until your timer goes off
  28. continue this technique for a week and you'll find it will be much easier relaxing your whole body and focusing your mind

Click here to watch another instructional video on a variation of this technique called the Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique.

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