Mind Health And
Feeling Appreciation

Techniques, exercises, tips and ideas on mind health and feeling appreciation. Use the power of your subconscious mind for refocusing on an energizing and positive attitude.

Latest scientific research studies for over twenty-five years from The HeartMath Institute show that the feeling of appreciation immediately has a healthy outcome on your heart rate variability (HRV) - the healthy variation of time between heart beats.

Appreciation and gratefulness feelings calms the busy, active mind, reduces mind stress, makes it more focused and clear, and enhances your feelings of being good, healthy and strong.

Here, I'll coach you through some easy mind power techniques and mindfulness meditation exercises to help you feeling a deeper sense of appreciation as you blend gratitude into the other 13 key areas of your life.

These simple and effective techniques will also help...

  • easily and frequently experience feelings of love, joy and gratitude throughout your day
  • take control of your chattering mind and guide it to an attitude of being more energizing, positive and uplifting
  • using your mind differently by moving it away from draining activities, such as too much TV, cell phone use, Internet and gossip
  • mind health and feeling appreciation for one's self
  • tips and ideas for feeling appreciation
  • natural production, release and effects of healthy, happy hormones, such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin
  • enhance the lymphatics boosting immune system naturally

Tips And Ideas On Mind Health And Feeling Appreciation

Look down this list and pick one or two areas you want to think about and feel appreciation for.

For example, I'll choose flowers and trees.

I'll take a couple of minutes to breathe, relax my jaw and shoulders and really focus on thinking about and imagining flowers and trees.

Their colors, shapes, smells, touch.

I'll go back in my memory and revivify times when I was happy, calm and feeling good around flowers and trees.

Guided Imagery For Mind Health And Feeling Appreciation

  1. I want you to think about doing something you love to do or being somewhere you love to be
  2. make sure what you are thinking about makes you feel good, happy, relaxed, calm, strong and healthy
  3. as you are thinking about this, try to picture it in your mind and visualize it, if you can, the following...
  4. (take a few moments in between each of the following points and connect to your heart)
  5. are you alone or with someone else?
  6. are you inside or outside?
  7. is it day time or night time?
  8. what colors do you see?
  9. what sounds do you hear?
  10. notice the feelings of goodness, happy, relaxed, calm, strong and healthy
  11. once you've done that, I want you to think about things, places and people you really feel appreciation, gratefulness and gratitude for
  12. lungs and oxygen
  13. best friends
  14. significant other
  15. animals
  16. flowers, their colors and fragrances
  17. trees for the fruits, flowers and shade
  18. sunset and sunrise
  19. blue sky and white clouds
  20. your favorite foods, their tastes, smells and textures
  21. water
  22. mentors and people you look up to
  23. your arms and hands
  24. your legs and feet
  25. your organs
  26. your five senses
  27. your brain and mind power
  28. smiles and laughter
  29. children playing
  30. digital devices and our phones and computers
  31. books
  32. clothes
  33. the changing seasons
  34. beaches
  35. mountains
  36. oceans and rivers
  37. gem stones

Now, when you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to your surroundings, maybe open your eyes and think about this mindfulness heart meditation you just experienced

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Appreciation Examples

  • breathing, lungs and oxygen
  • best friend, spouse, significant other, teammates
  • pets, animals,birds, fish and butterflies
  • flowers, fragrances, trees, shrubs, medicinal plants and essential oils
  • sunset, sunrise, sky, clouds, moon and stars
  • favorite foods, tastes, textures, drinks and water
  • mentors, teachers, people you look up to and advisors
  • body - arms, legs, hands, feet, spine, organs, skin and cells
  • hormones - cholesterol, pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, insulin and cortisol, human growth hormone
  • senses - see, hear, smell, tastes and touch
  • mind, brain, thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • children, playful, feeling young, laughter and having fun
  • digital devices, internet, communication, computers, phones and books
  • clothes, shoes, coats, gloves, hats, suits, shorts and jewelry
  • seasons, changes and colors
  • nature, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers
  • water, ice, air, wind, wood, earth, mud, grass, fire, heat, melting, metal, minerals, stones and gems

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Exercises For Mind Health And Feeling Appreciation

Click on the following links below for short instructional videos, guided imagery scripts and information...

Mind Wellness Techniques videos - practice just 5 minutes every day, twice a day, to experience the feeling of appreciation, balance emotions and quieten the active mind.

Train Your Brain Map Technique video - tips and ideas that your mind can easily get hold of to expand your gratitude. 

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise video - a guided visualization and meditation of appreciation

Double Mind Awareness Technique video - helps keeping you present and your mind controlled in an energizing and powerful way.

Find out what is mindfulness - what it is and how to do it. It's one of the top techniques for removing mind stress.

Mind Swish Technique video - tapping into your subconscious mind to make your conscious mind think thoughts in a certain way.

Power Bubble Technique video - training your brain to only accept best values and beliefs, and automatically learn from your mentors.

How to write an affirmation - learn to put powerful words together and experience the law of attraction as it enhances your mind health and feeling appreciation.

HeartMath Inner Balance app - checks your heart rate variability (HRV), monitors your mind stress levels and emotional states in real-time, and how it effects your heart, brain and nervous system

Healthy Living Guide - rate yourself in the other 13 key areas of your life and discover which areas you need help and coaching in.

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  • Money
  • Mind Health
  • Healthy Body
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  • Time
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Being Present
  • Feeling Appreciation
  • Home Life
  • Outside of Home

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