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What Other Inspiring Visitors Have Said

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A good reminder of the essence of laughing. I need to laugh more! I'm going to follow a couple of your tips to create more. Thank you.

Helped My Social Anxiety 
All the above mind power techniques are great. I'm using them all and integrating them into my life. The one's that really helped my the most, I think, …

Thanks For Great Videos And Techniques 
Hi Scott. Thanks for all your help and input on your Web site. It's really helpful. I'm using all the techniques that you've listed and shown on this …

Autogenic Relaxation For Sleep Video 
Hi Scott. I've been having issues falling asleep, and when I do, I wake up around 4am. Very frustrating. I've been practicing a couple of your techniques …

Mindfulness Psychology 
Mindfulness works! I've been using many mindful techniques and tools for a while now. I really like the one's you've shared here, Scott. And, …

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique Works! 
I came to your Web site by doing a quick search for stress management techniques, especially to break my anxiety and my mind stuff. I watched your video …

Sharing The Good News 
OK, so I've come across your Web site and it's very interesting. Some great techniques that I'm already trying out from this Web page, Mind Health. …

Helping My Mind 
Very informative Web site, Scott. I have a few friends who need some of these mind stress techniques. I work in a doctor's office and we find that most …

Controlling The Thoughts 
Thank you for the techniques to help me control my negative thoughts. I love your Web site. It's full of many different ways to reduce mind stress. …

Good Mind Food. Thanks! 
Just read your mind blog post this morning about foods that you feel tired. I was thinking of starting a detox cleanse or something, today. I googled …

Mindblowing Testimonial 
Scott -- I am so incredibly wowed by this technique. This was a new technique for me and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I already know several folks …

Simple Steps 
Scott -- I like this technique a lot because it's simple, yet powerful. It reminds me of the spiritual practice of pivoting in which you mindfully switch …

Easy & Empowering 
I found this to be a wonderful tool in helping me set my intention for the day. I love the idea of creating the kind of day that I'd like to experience …

Short & Sweet 
I used this technique recently & it really helped me to shift from feeling a little deflated to feeling much better in just a matter of minutes. I …

Mindfulness Meditation. Got me back on track!!! 
This meditation process is a life saver. I was turning in the wrong direction and Scott presented this amazing practice to me! He introduced me to …

Brain Is Trained! 
This is such a powerful tool and could not believe that this was unknown to me until after I met Scott. Of course he would be the one to know this …

Mind Wellness Techniques Videos 
Thanks for the link to this video, Scott. I like it! I've been watching and listening to it every day this week. It certainly helps me relax and calm …

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Integrative Holistic Health Program

The Integrative Holistic Health Program is my most powerful and comprehensive method of assessing your current health status.

I make sure it's customized to all your health needs, and your top health and wellness goals.

My belief is that you have the ability to heal yourself, when given the right knowledge, techniques, tools, love and encouragement to return the mind and body to its natural state.

My 90 day Integrative Holistic Health Program is based on SaJune's 5 Point Restorative Model developed by Medical Director, Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD.

Click here to find out more about the Integrative Holistic Health Program.

Mind Power News

Keeps you up-to-date with all new Mind Power Blog posts, visitor comments, mind health testimonials, hormone health, life coach expert articles, videos, techniques and mindfulness exercises as well as all updates to this Web site and the free e-Course. 

Click on the following links below for detailed information, exercises and techniques for mind health...

Train Your Brain Map Technique video - resets and guides your mind and its thoughts to an uplifting, energetic and positive attitude.

Mind Health - your guide to a healthy, vibrant and regenerative mind, body and hormones.

Mind Health And Time - find out the most important 9 areas that you can improve on time management.

Mind Health And Money - one of the biggest mind stress is the subject of wages, savings, cash and bills. Here is a guide to help you.

Mind Health And Personal Growth - find out areas you can grow in life and what is your life purpose.

Mind Health And Being Present - we worry about the past. We have anxiety about the future. The important thing to reduce mind stress is to stay in the present moment. Find out how to do that easily and effortlessly.

Mind Health And Work - over 97% of us are unhappy and have a negative attitude toward our employer and career. Here is a guide to help you change that.

Mind health techniques for letting go - release negative thoughts that hinder our mind, body and hormone health.

Mind health assessment techniques - mind stress, hormone imbalances, toxicity and much, much more, including the Healthy Living Guide.

Mind health techniques for sleep - insomnia is a major mind, body and hormone stress. Find out how to correct this and get a longer and better nights sleep.

Mind health techniques for change - In this stress management program's powerful Mind Health Techniques For Change, you'll easily learn...

  1. a specific breathing technique to control and stop mind stress as well as increase the health of your body
  2. how to communicate and expand your subconscious mind to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and focus on the positive - happy, relaxed, calm, strong, healthy, empowered and appreciation
  3. how to control your body
  4. how to use the power of words and the law of attraction to direct your mind

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