Mind Health Guide

Latest science research studies into mind health is finding that over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, worry, depression, overwhelm, loss of memory, a serious cognitive decline and recurring negative thoughts.

Another 20% of Americans experience frequent irritation, anger and feelings of being on-edge.

It is obvious that all these keep you wired and tired and drain the brain.

Here, I'll coach you through some easy, healthy mind techniques and mindfulness meditation exercises to help and empower your mind in all of the other 13 key areas of your life.

These simple and effective techniques will also help...

  • feel relaxed, calm and comfortable
  • increase your focus and concentration
  • create the skill to develop and control your conscious and subconscious mind
  • develop clear thinking and easier decision-making
  • stop your mind wandering off
  • cut down on the chattering mind and non-stop thoughts
  • refocus your mind away from stress, worry, anxiety, depression, irritation and overwhelm
  • how to stop recurring negative thoughts
  • redirect your mind to energizing and uplifting thoughts and emotions along with a positive attitude
  • remove brain frog
  • increase memory power and eliminating forgetfulness
  • replenishing and balancing hormone health
  • balance your whole life with these 14 key areas

Health Mind Guide

Reduce External Stress - as Dr. Pati says, "make yourself the center of your own universe." Dedicate three months to honing your daily routine.

Reduce Your Commitments - most people over-commit and feel overwhelmed, even on their days off. The Best way to avoid this is to turn off your cellphone and computer.

Time - take a serious look at your schedule, appointments, activities and commitments. Only choose the one's that give you joy, enthusiasm and feelings of happiness and health. Click here if you have an issue with time management or you just want to know how you can use your time more wisely.

Simplify Your Life - the more possessions, thoughts and unwanted things, the more you stress and worry. Scroll down for the technique.

Just 60 Minutes A Day - rearrange your schedule and create this protected time where you get outside in nature, with the Sun and tree's, without cellphones and excess clothes.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - using HeartMath's Inner Balance App, you can monitor your stress levels in real-time right on your phone. Click here for details on the HeartMath Institute Inner Balance App.

Click here to watch a short video on the Mind Wellness Techniques to get your heart rate variability back to normal and increase your hormone health. You practice this technique whilst hooked up to the Inner Balance app.

Breathing - remember to take deep breathes, slowly throughout the day.

Stress Management - a 5 week program offered by Scott Coleman at SaJune Medical Center, in my Orlando office or over the phone.  Each week, you will learn and experience new mind power techniques, mindfulness tools and guided imagery exercises. Click here for all the details on the Stress Management Program.

My Daily Mind Health Routine - Scott's techniques and exercises to keep my mind, body and hormones healthy.

Mind Power Techniques and Exercises

Mind Wellness Techniques videos - this is the foundation technique and for best results should be practiced just 5 minutes every day, twice a day, to replenish your healthy mind energy, balance emotions and quieten the active mind.

Train Your Brain Map Technique videos - Your GPS for the mind. The most popular and easiest exercise for giving your subconscious mind direction.

What is mindfulness? - find out what it is and how to do it. 

Mind and hormone health - signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances. Discover the importance of these essential hormones for a healthy, long life - cholesterol, pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, insulin, endorphins and oxytocin.

Simple Living High Thinking - use this technique over time to de-clutter and get rid of stuff you don need or want. This included possessions, relationships and negative thoughts.

Double Mind Awareness Technique video - helps keep your mind from wandering off. Increases the faith factor as well as automatically removing mind stress.

Mind Power For Change Technique video - how to break a habit and modify a behavior. Great for an addicted mind. Allows you to take your power back and control the mind.

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique video - one of the quickest and sure way of stopping and eliminating negative thoughts in less than five minutes.

Mind Anchoring Technique video - using the mind and body as one, creating positive thoughts and attitude with just one touch.

Mind Crossroads Technique video - guided imagery exercise to allow you to choose correctly instead of automatically making a wrong decision.

How to write an affirmation - using the power of words and the law of attraction to guide your Subconscious mind.

Adrenal-Ade - easy, homemade drink to boost adrenals, add more water and nutrients and change your PH to alkaline.

What is fermentation? - produces natural probiotics, enzymes and vitamins for the optimal functioning of your mind, body, hormones and healthy gut flora.

Mind health benefits of laughing - best stress reliever as it improves physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Healthy Living Guide - rate yourself in the other 13 key areas of your life and discover which areas you need help and coaching in.

All the above mind health power techniques coach you how to beat anxiety and eliminate challenging negative thoughts

Mind Power News

Keeps you up-to-date with all new mind power techniques, Blog posts, life coach expert articles, videos, hormone health, techniques and mindfulness exercises as well as all updates to Mind-Health-Empower.com Web site and the free e-Course.

Healthy Living Guide: The 14 Key Areas of Your Life

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