Mind Power Techniques

Master these proven Mind Power Techniques and Exercises to easily train your brain to think what you want it to think.

Stop and eliminate mind stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, worry, fear and overwhelm.

Here's a quick instructional video introduction to these proven techniques that will help you to live your best and healthiest life ever!

Click on the following link-headings below to access these proven mind power techniques...

Assess Your Stress And Health Tools

Assess your stress video - find out the main causes of your stress and what signs and symptoms you are suffering from.

Self Assessment Goal Setting form - start your health and wellness initial consultation for the best mind, body, nutrition and hormone health techniques and body detox protocols.

Assess your overall health video - which of the 14 key areas of your life are out of balance. Scott's Healthy Living Guide.

Assess your toxicity - find out what your toxic load is to your body and how to detox healthily.

Institute Inner Balance app - a biofeedback software and sensor that will monitor your health by reporting your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as well as helping to balance emotions and calming the overactive mind.

Foundation Mind Power Techniques

Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief video - practice proper belly breathing with this easy and natural breathing exercise. Increases oxygen, blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates the vagus nerve to engage the relaxation response.

Breathing Exercises For Anxiety video - reduce and eliminate anxiety, worry and overwhelm as quickly as possible with this proven technique of using your heart.

Mind Wellness Techniques video - the foundation of all the exercises. Calms and focuses the mind and totally relaxes the whole body, and at the same time access the power of the subconscious mind. Video below...

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Power Bubble Technique videos - expands your subconscious mind to create a mind-body boundary that's safe, secure and protected from stress - people, places, things, and mind chatter.

Mind Control Your Body Technique video - to control your mind and thoughts, you must first learn to control your body. This powerful and simple technique gets your brain and body working together as a team and strengthens your mind.

How to write an affirmation - how to use the five ingredients proven to make a successful affirmation formula. Take advantage of the power of words.

Mind Power Technique of the Week - a free online e-Course to expand your subconscious mind by enhancing your visualization skills, the law of attraction and teaching you, week-by-week how to take control of your mind power.

Mind wellness guided imagery scripts and videos - uses the power of your subconscious mind with guided imagery and visualization to create pictures of happiness, peace and freedom. This then releases happy hormones, like dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

Mind Health Techniques For Change

Mind Power For Change Technique video - a natural four step process to bust cravings and stop unhealthy physical behaviors and draining mental mind habits, including any kind of addiction. Video below...

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Mind Crossroads Technique video - supports you in the knowledge that you can always have a choice where your mind goes using the metaphor of a crossroads and choosing which road to take, and why.

Mind Swish Technique video - a very powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming exercise (NLP) that automatically trains your brain to reduce a negative, draining emotion or event and to re-focus your mind on a positive, energetic experience and emotions.

Mind Control Your Thoughts Technique video - shows you the abundance and vast number of thoughts that are trying to get your attention, maybe shift your awareness to the negative. Gain power and control of your mind with this technique.

Future Life Progression Technique - using law of attraction to manifest what you want in your life, going forward.

Time Management

Scott's Time Management Guide - most people under mind stress seem to be running out of time. This complete guide covers the most common nine areas of consideration to get your time back and to never utter the statement - "I just don't have any time to do that."

Simple living high thinking"the more you have, the more you worry.." Free yourself from stress, anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

De-Stress Your Life Technique video - remove unwanted, draining tasks, obligations and commitments. Make yourself the center of your own universe. Create a simple living, stress-free life, eliminating anxiety and negative thoughts. De-clutter your life, now. Video below...

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Restorative Sleep Techniques

Sleep Zone News - proper, uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important ingredients for a healthy, vibrant body and mind. Here are 18 natural stress removers and sleep aids.

How to ground yourself - "earthing" has many, many benefits. But, the most important one is that it helps you to experience deeper and longer sleep cycles, thus increasing your health and longevity.

Remove stress and anxiety immediately by sedating Triple Warmer meridian - mind, body and hormone balancing technique. Calms the stress down and feelings of panic, worry and fear.

Click here for information on foods that make you tired.

Letting Go Of Mind Stuff

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique video - EFT is easy to learn and very effective incorporating acupressure points and the meridian energy system, the nervous system and specific affirmations. Video below...

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Letting Go Of Mind Stuff Technique video - as you let go of negative draining thoughts, like anger, hatred, anxiety, sadness, worry, fear and overwhelm, you make room in your mind for more powerful, positive and energetic thoughts and feelings.

Mind Check Technique - what thoughts are you allowing to feed the field with? Wherever you are, on-the-go, you can stop and change your negative, draining thoughts to positive, uplifting one's throughout the day.

Mind Power Preparation

Mind Reset And Prepare Technique video - just like you prepare yourself for a rainy day by putting a raincoat on, in the same way, this technique resets your brain and prepares you for a known stress that is coming up in the near future.

Train Your Brain Map Technique videos - it's just like a GPS for the mind and the law of attraction all rolled into one. This is my favorite mind power technique I practice every day.

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Mind Anchoring Positive Thoughts video - use this very simple and easy-to-do technique to trigger specific positive thoughts and emotions from your brain.

Your Life Purpose

Health and your life purpose - uncover what it is and how it can help improve your mind and body health.

Mindful Thoughts Create Purpose Technique - every intention or project in life, and that includes our life purpose, always starts in the mind with the power of thought.

Mind Power Technique For Relaxation

Autogenic Relaxation Techniques video - developed in the 1930's by European doctors and is commonly used today. It enhances the body-mind connection and enhances your control you have over your body. 

Natural stress relievers - oils, herbs and teas to help remove mind stress, get a better nights sleep and increase your overall health.

Massage with oxygen therapy - MWOT is a cutting-edge massage treatment to specifically boost a persons health by helping the body rid itself of harmful toxins.

Relaxation On Demand Technique -  using powerful affirmations, relaxes your conscious mind whilst training your subconscious mind to automatically, naturally and easily relax and calm your body whenever you want to.

Mindfulness Exercises

How to practice mindfulness - master these six key areas, improve the health of your mind by staying in the present moment.

Double Mind Awareness Technique video - encourages you to keep being present in every moment. Experiencing uplifting, inspiring positive attitude. Increases memory recall and focus. Enhances the ability to mono-task instead of the draining and unhealthy multi-task habit.

The Faith Factor Technique - one of the best mind power techniques using the benefits and the resounding power of faith and things that mean something to you.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise video - a short but powerful exercise that takes you deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of body and mind. It's 5 techniques are rolled into one exercise.

Mindfulness Heart Technique video - takes you feelings to the next level, making anything you do more heartfelt and real. It also prepares you for any future life challenge.

Mindfulness quotes - sayings and thoughts to encourage, motive and inspire.

Mindfulness eating - how to eat, lose weight and reduce mind stress.

Mind Power Technique To Increase Memory Recall

Focus And Memory Recall Empowerment Technique video - whatever age you are, you can always get rid of brain fog and improve your memory and focus.

Build a memory palace - also known as a Mind Palace. It's a technique that uses all of your brain to easily and quickly remember things. A proven and potent way of increasing the power of your memory.

Nutrition, Food And Drink

Adrenal-Ade - special drink you can easily make at home to boost adrenal function, add nutrients to your body and change the PH to alkaline.

What is intermittent fasting - increases the health of mind, body, brain and hormones. Especially great for improving focus, concentration and memory recall. There are several variations of fasting to fit your lifestyle.

Fermentation of vegetables - optimal functioning of the mind, body, hormones and gut flora. Very powerful, natural probiotics.

Healthy Nutrition Guide - proper nutrition and natural supplements are the fuel that you need for a healthy body, mind and hormones.

Natural supplements - for anxiety, depression and tiredness.

Apple Cider Vinegar benefits - from correcting your PH levels to aiding your digestion and a gentle body detox.

Mind Power Resources

Revivification Technique video - the easiest technique of them all. Access happy, healthy, strong, relaxing and calming memories from your subconscious mind and apply these feelings and emotions to other parts of your life.

Power Of Pause Technique - learn how to get into touch with and tune into your heart's intuition.

Mind Mentor Technique video - how to use the resource of the positive characteristics and attributes of your mentors, teachers and people you look up to.

Healing health benefits of laughing - its contagious! Boosts your immune system, releases happy endorphin hormones and reduces body and mind stress.

Guided Imagery Visualization Empowerment Technique video - strengthens the control you have over your own mind to stop it wandering down the dark road of anxiety, worry, anger, fear, depression and overwhelm.

Grief management and loss counseling - a step-by-step guide showing you how to proceed forward, expanding the mind by seeing the whole picture and resetting and refocusing.

Daily positive thoughts - be uplifted by focusing on a positive saying or quote for the day.

Latest science research studies - physiological and psychological benefits of each technique with research resource references.

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Additional Mind Power Techniques And Guided Imagery Scripts

Click on the following links below and get all the details and practice these extra mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises...

Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Technique - expands your imagination and visualization skills and creating deeper perception, insight and intuitive knowledge with this mind health technique.

You Get What You Think About Technique - "Where attention goes energy flows."

How to relax the mind - more mind power techniques to coach you to keep your mind and body calm and relaxed.

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