Mind Power With Faith Factor

Watch the video below on Mind Power With Faith Factor Technique video. Experience this proven and subtle mind control tool using this simple guided imagery script.

Take advantage of the resounding benefits of the power of faith.

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Power Of Faith

The Mind Power with Faith Factor Technique works by just focusing your mind to think about things that have a great and profound meaning for you.

For example, like people, mentors, places, maybe a prayer, a saint, a positive affirmation, an imaginary superhero or even a story or metaphor.

The Mind Power with Faith Factor Technique increases your energy level by removing mind and body stress. It also increases hormone health, including serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin.

By thinking deeply about the power of faith and belief, you allow the heart to directly communicate with the brain and mind, influencing it to be more intuitive, which we call heart coherence.

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Mind Power Guided Imagery Script

  1. before we start this guided imagery script, think about words, sentences, phrases, people, places and things that directly relate to your faith, core beliefs and values
  2. think about what has great and profound meaning to you
  3. Write them down
  4. examples would be a prayer, mantra or positive affirmation. It could be a saying or a quote
  5. or you could think about God, Jesus or Buddha for example
  6. or think about a symbol in your mind that represents this faith and deep meaning to you
  7. then, go to your peaceful place where you will be alone and not be disturbed
  8. sit perfectly still on a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Do not lay down
  9. place these words, phrase or image somewhere close so you can easily read and see
  10. set a timer for fifteen to thirty minutes
  11. just for a minute or so, do your breathing exercise - breath in, belly out, belly in, breathe out
  12. then, gently switch your focus to your mind and its thoughts that maybe want to keep getting your attention
  13. when you are ready, push away all positive and negative thoughts for about one minute or so
  14. when you feel like it, refocus on your breathing as you relax your whole body, saying to yourself a few times, "I am relaxing my whole body, my whole body is feeling relaxed". 
  15. "I am relaxing my whole body, my whole body is feeling relaxed". 
  16. "I am relaxing my whole body, my whole body is feeling relaxed"
  17. now, when you are ready, read your faith factor words or phrases out loud or to yourself, over and over, stare or think about the image you've chosen for about one minute
  18. now, close your eyes and sit quietly for two or more minutes and have a sense of the vibration of these words, people, places, things, god, resonating in your mind and through your body
  19. if you want, you can open your eyes and repeat the above step until your timer goes off, reading your faith factor sentence or thinking about what subtly resonates with you, then closing your eyes to absorb it
  20. continue practicing this mind power technique for a week, using different faith factor words, sentences or phrases each time so they are ingrained and firmly established inside your subconscious mind.

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