Mind Wellness Guided Imagery

The mind power technique you will experience here is called the Mind Wellness Guided Imagery Technique.

This technique using the power of your subconscious mind with guided imagery and visualization to create pictures of happiness, health, peace, relaxation, calmness, strength and freedom. 

Below is the advanced version of the Mind Wellness Imagery Technique...

The Mind Wellness Guided Imagery Technique is the foundation of all other mind power techniques and mindfulness exercises found on this Web site and my Integrative Holistic Health Program.

This exercise incorporates everything you may have learned so far: belly breathing, muscle relaxation, removing stress by pushing away negative thoughts, and now with an added ingredient of happy mind images and visualizations that will increase your health.

So, how does making happy pictures in your mind create wellness? Because your mind and nervous system have a direct influence on your endocrine and hormonal system.

Happy pictures and thoughts release happy hormones, such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

Train your brain with this unique Mind Wellness Guided Imagery Technique to increase your health and energy levels, remove stress, release happy hormones and calm the overactive mind.

The Mind Wellness Guided Imagery Script Technique

  1. before you start, take a few moments.maybe a couple of minutes as you remember a time or two, or a special place when you felt really, really happy, good and healthy
  2. once you have this place or time in mind, then we can start
  3. go to a quite place where you will be alone and not be disturbed
  4. sit on a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Do not lay down as this may cause you to go to sleep
  5. set a timer for fifteen to thirty minutes
  6. just sit there, being perfectly still and breathe in and out
  7. when you are ready, focus all your attention as you breathe in and breathe out
  8. now, for a minute or two, breathe in as you push your belly out and breathe out as you gently bring your belly back in
  9. then, take a few moments and watch and witness the thoughts coming up from your mind, spontaneously
  10. when you are ready, take a minute or more and focus your attention to push away or stop all thoughts, negative or positive, from your mind
  11. remember, you are the architect of your destiny
  12. notice these thoughts wanting your attention, but don't let them!
  13. the next step is to take a minute to focus on each body part in turn while repeating the following affirmations to yourself...
  14. "I am relaxing my jaw and face muscles. My jaw and face muscles are relaxing"
  15. "I am relaxing my jaw and face muscles. My jaw and face muscles are relaxing"
  16. "I am relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. My neck and shoulder muscles are relaxing"
  17. "I am relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. My neck and shoulder muscles are relaxing"
  18. "I am relaxing my chest and belly muscles. My chest and belly muscles are relaxing"
  19. "I am relaxing my chest and belly muscles. My chest and belly muscles are relaxing"
  20. "I am relaxing my whole back muscles. My whole back muscles are relaxing"
  21. "I am relaxing my arms, hands and fingers. My arms, hands and fingers are relaxing"
  22. ,"I am relaxing my legs, feet and toes. My legs, feet and toes are relaxing"
  23. now, using the power of our subconscious mind, think of a place or a time in your life that you really enjoy, that makes you happy and relaxing
  24. have a sense of a mental picture developing and visualize this place, if you can
  25. focus all your attention on this picture or movie and notice all the details in it
  26. is day time or night time?
  27. are you inside or outside?
  28. are you alone or with other people?
  29. what colors do you see?
  30. what sounds do you hear?
  31. as you focus on this image, recognize how you are feeling and remember it
  32. keep this image for as long as you want or until your timer goes off
  33. continue this technique for a week or until you find it's much easier to practice

Click here to watch the video, a guided imagery of the Mind Wellness Techniques.

Click here for more guided imagery scripts.

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