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Includes integral yoga teachings with Shri Swami Jyotirmayananda, focusing on inner power and vibrant health.

15th March, 2020 - Jivanmukti Vivek, class recordings #19.

  • People of equal status, develop friendliness - stops raga - attachments, likes, desire
  • superior to you - cheerfulness and joyousness - stops dwesha - hatred, dislikes
  • inferior- compassion
  • uncultured, negative personality, irrational crooked - indifference

Universal Peace Prayer

  • Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah - may ALL be happy
  • sarve santu niramayaah - may ALL be free from illness
  • sarve bhadraanni pashyantu - may ALL see what is auspicious
  • maa kashcid duhka bhaag bhavet - may NO ONE suffer
  • om shaantih shaantih shaantih - peace peace peace

14th March, 2020 - Jivanmukti Vivek, class recordings #17 and 18.

Swami Jyotirmayananda outlines in detail the negative vasanas and the positive vasanas.

Vasanas are tendencies, habits and desires, even from past life times.

They are stored in and then transferred to the mind and brain.

The negative ones send us down the road of delusion and thinking the the world process is real.

Where the positive vasanas direct us and contact us with the source or God.

10th March, 2020 - Jivanmukti Vivek, recording #13 and 14.

Swami Jyotirmayananda quotes from the Gita, ten vritti's or thought-waves as we practice vasanakshaya.

Swamiji says that we need to develop and cultivate them as we move toward enlightenment. They are...

  • Free from Hypocrisy
  • Straightforwardness
  • Non-Violence
  • Purity of Heart
  • Steadiness
  • Absence of Pride
  • Humility
  • Forbearance
  • Selfless Service
  • Self Control

Click here find out more negative and positive empowering words and emotions.

7th March, 2020 - Jivanmukti Vivek

The state and qualities of an enlightened being.

First, was discussed what are the physical and psychological characteristics of...

  • Sattva - sharp, clear, quiet, still, uncluttered, healthy
  • Ragas - fidgety, busy, activity, passionate
  • Tamas - dull, weak, sleepy, negative, dis-ease

...which create karmas.

12th December, 2019 - Yoga Vasistha - Swami 

Release of bondage and freedom for that illusion...

  • trishna - craving
  • control of senses
  • Who am I


  1. desires
  2. sense pleasures
  3. ego

9th November, 2019

Reduce and stop mind stress...

  1. faith -
  2. perseverance -
  3. remembrance
  4. one-pointed focus.

Sattvic self effort - whatever happens, you just keep going using the four techniques above.

Renunciation of the vritti's, thoughts, mind stuff.

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Swamiji's lecture on Wednesday, 10th July, 2019 - Yoga Vasistha

shubabavana - subtle, purified feeling, clearer understanding, 

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Swamiji's lecture on Tuesday, 9th July, 2019 - Yoga Vasistha

clear understanding of the goal, realization.

goal set by your higher, healthy, spiritual, heart, mind.

practice of affirmation - positive attitude, focus, 

understanding what is the state of enlightenment

  • clearer the mind, the greater is your glimpse of the higher movement
  • confuse the mind and your glimpse of the higher movement is dumped
  • Choose an affirmation that has a clear connection with the Truth

Seek a state of mind that has become relaxed. Practice asana, pranayama and doing your duties in the right way.

4 yogas blending, harmony into your daily life

What is behind everything, even thoughts and imaginations, focus on the nucleus.

Focus on I am - without it you can't exist.

What is this I am - not the body, pranas, vital forces, mind and senses. These are instruments

The Real I Am is always there, in the background, quietly.

This world is a reflection, illusion of the Real I am.

surging ocean, golden mountains, swan, rainbow, pure awareness, whats funny? I Am

dream and waking state are the same

your mind., body, objects, the world are like your iPad. Shutting out the iPad is Liberation.

meditate on pure I Am. Meditation leads to viveka bhudi

Negation and affirmation. What is not the Self and what is the Self. Viveka Bhudi - what is unreal and real

Real I Am sustains the 3 states - waking, dreaming, deep sleep.

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Friday, 28th June, 2019 - Ramayana

Sita is the central part of the story - viveka bhudi


  • intuitive wisdom and knowledge
  • discrimination
  • right understanding

Ability to recognize and act upon what is...

  1. unreal and what is real
  2. temporary and what is eternal
  3. pleasure and what is bliss
  4. non-self and is the Self

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Thursday, 27th, 2019 - Wisdom Circle

Bishop, Three hermits, Lords prayer, Humility, 

father, son, holy ghost. bishop is the soul.

similar to Krishna's friend was prideful and wanted to teach the gopi's. Humility, 

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Swamiji's lecture on Wednesday, 19th June, 2019 - Yoga Vasistha

Characteristic indications of enlightenment...

  • free of desires
  • free of expectations
  • sattvic
  • revelation of the Truth
  • fearlessness. 
  • you are The Self and untouched. You are the Sun
  • sense of eternity, opposite to worry and anxiety
  • equanimity, remaining balanced in all
  • knowledge, direct experience of I am that
  • absence of agitation from the mind. You are beyond the mind
  • the real I am is not dependent of action/karma or waiting to become better. I am brahman
  • gentleness, cosmic power in nature, tender heart, soft
  • free from distractions and the needs of your mind
  • firmness, I am That am I
  • friendliness


  1. purify subtle desires
  2. don't be shaken by gain or loss
  3. vasana's come from samskara's inside the subconscious mind. Samskara's are not your problem.
  4. practice the purification of manonash and the transformation of raga - attachment and dwesha - hatred

Behind samskara's is ignorance, avidya.

5 cats of vasanas...



Vitchinya, over powered state, purifying vasanas, holding back negative vasanas, clean our from under the rug

Amudar, no courtesy to put it under the rug. Righteous indignation?,

Tagatawasta, Varanasi in burnt up state, sarupanash,then arupanash=disappeats

Increasing devotion, Bakti, thinning out, seva. Leading to the revelation,, I am that

doing your duties, tasks etc, always have Spiritual inquiry deep within

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Swamiji's lecture on Tuesday, 18th June, 2019 - Yoga Vasistha...

The mind is ever distracted with what is desirable and what is undesirable. Develops attachment to what is desirable and create dislike to the desirable objects.

When we overcome these two distractions, bondage to this world-process ends.

There are 5 afflictions or klesha's...

  1. avidya - ignorance
  2. asmita - egoism
  3. raga  - attachment, likes, gain, pleasure
  4. dwesha - - hatred, dislikes, loss pain
  5. abvinuesha- fear of death

Raga and Dwesha

When you are stuck in raga and dwesha you have ego inflammation that oozes out viruses that contaminate your mind. When ego becomes transparent, you transcend the ego.

Raga and dwesha create karma's, which brings embodiment. This then creates the fear of death. Raga and dwesha are the highlight of everyone's daily life.

Swamiji states here the need for "patience and an artistic heart to understand the mistakes that occur in your personality, and view your mistakes with a difference vision."

Like a tree, allow yourself to be shaken with lessons. Learn the art of being relaxed and flexible. Like the wind against a tree, adversity and prosperity becomes a nourishing process for the soul to be rooted in its higher reality.

When one is gripped by ignorance and not enlightened, raga and dwesha (attachment and hatred ) play a great part


For enlightenment, allow your raga to go into infinite level.

Raga is not infinite when putting your energy and focus into infinite objects, And then thinking how to secure those for ever.

Anuraga is the spiritual movement of raga.

Love of God who is the reality behind all

Here are some talking points, insights and learning from Swamiji's lecture on Sunday, 16th June, 2019 - Bhagavat Gita

Om Upasana Meditation

  1. I am the body
  2. What is this body?
  3. Every body. "Universal matter."
  4. "The entire world is you"
  5. I am the mind
  6. What is this mind?
  7. "a wave in the ocean of the Cosmic Mind"
  8. "the entire wisdom of the world"

Swamiji talked about the spiritual importance of...

  • karma
  • devotion
  • meditation
  • satsanga
  • Selfless service
  • vichar - reflection on who am I? 

Selfless service - seva

  • be good, do good
  • be good, do good to yourself, first
  • how do you deal with every body, loved ones, friends, co-workers?

Who Am I?

  • vichar, reflection
  • when sleeping, the whole world moves away and you are unaffected. Causal level

The mind can go in two ways...

  1. feelings of being cornered, closes and shuts down
  2. open the door and feel free

Friday, 14th June, 2019 - Ramayana

Lackshman is meditation.

Bahrata - devotion

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