Meditation Exercise

Watch this video as I coach you through the 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise guided imagery script for mind health...

  1. breathing
  2. relaxing the whole body
  3. Autogenic positive affirmations
  4. visualizing things you Love to do
  5. and feeling appreciation

Breathe - Relax - Positive Affirmations -Things You Love To Do - Feeling Appreciation

Here are your guided imagery script five steps of this meditation exercise for body, hormone and mind health...

  1. breathing
  2. relaxing the whole body
  3. Autogenic positive affirmations
  4. visualizing things you Love to do
  5. and feeling appreciation

Benefits Of The Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

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  • this meditative mindfulness breathing increases the oxygen into the body creating a relaxing and calming effect
  • removal of muscle and joint tension
  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • creates a healthier brain as it switches brain-waves into Alpha and Theta states
  • reduces cognitive stress, such as anxiety, worry, depression and overwhelm and so increases a positive attitude of mind with the feelings of calm, relax, happy, patience and appreciation
  • balances hormones and endocrine system
  • latest research studies show that mindfulness meditation gives anti-aging results
  • because more positive feelings are experienced, sleep is greatly improved
  • busts cravings and unhealthy habits and addictions
  • reduces muscle and joint pain
  • weight loss and binge eating has been positively affected with mindfulness meditation

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Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Guided Imagery Script

  1. start by going to a place you can relax, be alone and not be disturbed
  2. you can sit on a chair or on the floor with your back straight or lay flat on the floor, maybe with a pillow under your knees
  3. get comfortable and be nice and still
  4. when you are ready, focus all your attention on your breathing in and breathing out
  5. as you breathe in, gently push your belly out
  6. as you breathe out, softly bring your belly back in
  7. practice this belly breathing for about a minute
  8. then, when you are ready, shift your focus to your jaw and face and relax them
  9. say to yourself, "I am relaxing my jaw and face muscles. My jaw and face are feeling warm" "
  10. then, focus all your attention on your neck and shoulders and relax them.
  11. say to yourself,"I am relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. My neck and shoulders are feeling warm and loose"
  12. next, focus all your attention on the front of your body and relax your chest and belly
  13. say to yourself,"I am relaxing my chest and belly muscles. My chest and belly are warm and relaxing"
  14. then, focus all your attention on the back of your body and relax your back and spine
  15. say to yourself,"I am relaxing my all my back muscles. My whole back is feeling warm and my spine are relaxing"
  16. next, focus all your attention on your arms, hands and fingers and relax them
  17. say to yourself,"I am relaxing my arms, hands and fingers. My arms, hands and fingers are feeling really warm"
  18. next, focus all your attention on your legs, feet and toes and relax them
  19. say to yourself,"I am relaxing my legs, feet and toes. My legs, feet and toes are feeling really warm"
  20. now, making sure you're still doing your belly breathing, I want you to think about doing something you love to do or being somewhere you love to be
  21. make sure what you are thinking about makes you feel good, happy, relaxed, calm, strong and healthy
  22. as you are thinking about this, try to picture it in your mind and visualize it, if you can
  23. are you alone or with someone else?
  24. are you inside or outside?
  25. is it day time or night time?
  26. what colors do you see?
  27. what sounds do you hear?
  28. notice the feelings of goodness, happy, relaxed, calm, strong and healthy
  29. once you've done that, I want you to think about things, places and people you really feel appreciation and gratitude for
  30. lungs and oxygen
  31. best friends
  32. significant other
  33. animals
  34. flowers, their colors and fragrances
  35. trees for the fruits, flowers and shade
  36. sunset and sunrise
  37. blue sky and white clouds
  38. your favorite foods, their tastes, smells and textures
  39. water
  40. mentors and people you look up to
  41. your arms and hands
  42. your legs and feet
  43. your organs
  44. your five senses
  45. your brain and mind power
  46. smiles and laughter
  47. children playing
  48. digital devices and our phones and computers
  49. books
  50. clothes
  51. the changing seasons
  52. beaches
  53. mountains
  54. oceans and rivers
  55. gem stones

Now, when you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to your surroundings, maybe open your eyes and think about this mindfulness heart meditation you just experienced

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