Numerology Number Meanings

Unlock and create the future you want with numerology number meanings.

Find out how you can easily interpret the meaning of your numbers, also known as cartomancy.

Numerology can be used in many ways - health of your mind, body and hormones, relationships, money, career, life purpose, happiness, mind stress relief and living your best life ever.

Here, numerology will also include eastern and western perspectives as well as astrology, the ancient and modern cultures and interpretations.

I include numerology number meanings from 1 to 9, plus 10, 11, 12 and 13.

I do readings for people using everyday packs of playing cards, which are the main cards used for cartomancy.

So, 1 is an Ace, 11 is a Jack, 12 is a Queen and 13 is a King.

Because we are using normal, every day playing cards to interpret, we must also understand the basic meanings of the four suits...

  • clubs - positive experiences, knowledge, talent, creative, adventure, intuition, Fire
  • hearts - emotions, home, family, relationships, time, Water
  • diamonds - money, finances, Earth
  • spades - change, struggles, stress, obstacles, Air

1   Ace

  • leading
  • new beginnings
  • oneness
  • achieve your goals
  • reformer (enneagram)
  • male
  • individuality
  • changes
  • confidence
  • strong


  • balance
  • harmony
  • partnerships
  • helper (enneagram)
  • female
  • planning
  • choices
  • communication


  • creativity & manifesting
  • intuition
  • achiever (enneagram)
  • adventure
  • success
  • social
  • inspiring


  • stable
  • routine
  • calming
  • individuality (enneagram)
  • faith
  • order
  • home life
  • four directions


  • gratitude
  • appreciation
  • beautiful
  • investigator (enneagram)
  • movement
  • five senses
  • curious
  • freedom


  • self love
  • luck
  • healing
  • loyalist (enneagram)
  • home
  • peace and harmony
  • completing
  • forgiveness


  • rest
  • safety and security
  • spiritual awakening
  • enthusiast (enneagram)
  • intuition
  • imagination
  • mysteries and problems
  • need to focus


  • empowering
  • abundance
  • business success
  • challenger (enneagram)
  • continual momentum
  • making decisions
  • efficient building
  • assertive


  • sacred wisdom
  • influencing
  • playful
  • peacemaker (enneagram)
  • charity
  • compassionate
  • satisfaction
  • tolerant


  • independent
  • completing cycles
  • exploration
  • unexpected fortunes
  • infinite potential
  • new ideas

11   Jack

  • urgency
  • extravagance
  • messages
  • strength
  • justice
  • younger male

12   Queen

  • nurturing
  • caring
  • motherhood
  • female
  • gentle and subtle
  • creative ideas

13   King

  • visions and goals
  • spirit
  • growth of ideas
  • experienced male
  • stable and solid

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