Power Of Heart Coherence

Here, we talk about not just the power of heart coherence but also personal, social and global coherence, and how all this is connected together, including you and I.

When you are in a coherent state, your mind, brain, body and its systems are working optimally together.

There is also a subtle synchronization between your heart rhythms and all other rhythms in the body, which can be easily measured by scientific equipment. This is called personal heart coherence.

Now, social heart coherence is the harmonious and positive connection between people.

Benefits Of Being In Personal Heart Coherence

More scientific benefits...

  • Increasing your personal, social and global synchronization in the higher-level brain systems
  • a greater and easier capacity to self-regulate behaviors
  • increased parasympathetic activity and vagus nerve activity
  • entrainment between physiological rhythms
  • coordinated activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • increased heart-brain synchronization
  • cardiovascular system resonance
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • easier communication with others
  • feeling a sense of connection with others
  • heart to heart communication
  • subtle communication over long distances

HeartMath research proves that the global synchronization of all mind-body systems gives the optimal state of health and learning.

The best and quickest way to turn on your personal power of heart coherence and your social coherence is to...

  1. focusing your whole attention on your breathing
  2. relax your jaw and shoulders
  3. think about positive, uplifting, energizing and empowering words, such as feelings of appreciation, happy, healthy strong, relaxing, calm and compassion, for example

Power Of HeartMath

Using the HeartMath Institute Inner Balance app, you can monitor your health and heart rate variability in real time.

When we are in an incoherent state, we can easily experience negative thinking, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, anger, being on-edge, depression and mind stress.

HeartMath Inner Balance app - clearly demonstrates the power of heart coherence. Research studies prove that regular practice using this app helps remove mind stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, irritation, moodiness, insomnia, digestive problems, being tired all the time, exercises the heart muscle, increases and intuition.

Click on the following links below for information and details on the power of heart coherence and your health...

What is social heart coherence? - how to connect to other people.

What is global heart coherence? - how to connect globally

Stress and the amygdala - how to reset your stress levels using your brain and heart intelligence.

Heart Brain - find out about the health science of neuro-cardiology

Heart-Brain - Neuro-Cardiology

The heart has its own complex nervous system and sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. These neural signals involve...

  • perception
  • higher cognitive brain functions
  • foresight
  • decision-making
  • processing emotional experiences
  • social awareness
  • and self-regulation

Heart incoherence - anger, worry, mind stress, overwhelm, anxiety, panic, depression, negative thoughts - inhibits your brain function.

Heart coherence - appreciating, love, calm, peace, relaxation - facilitates brain function.

Biological systems, including heart rate variability, encode information in the intervals between pulsations and heart beats. This information is transported to multiple systems and helps synchronize the body as a whole.

Click here for mindfulness meditation exercises and experience the body and mind benefits and power of heart coherence.

The Earth Is Our Mother

Did you know...

The natural rhythms in Earth's magnetic field impacts and influences...

  1. your brain and nervous system activity
  2. performance of tasks
  3. blood pressure and heart rate
  4. hormone health
  5. traffic violations and accidents
  6. number of hospital admissions for heart attacks and strokes
  7. criminal acts and conflicts
  8. but mostly it impacts heart rhythms and heart rate variability

In addition, HeartMath science research shows...

  • bursts of global human creativity correlate with the Sun's activity
  • your heart vibrates at the same frequency as Earth frequencies
  • the famous Schumann Resonances of the Earth correlate to our human brainwaves. Just like when a tuning fork is struck another will vibrate the same
  • our heart rate variability (HRV) also responds to magnetic field disturbances, cosmic rays, solar radio flux energy and solar wind energy

Latest ongoing research suggests that we all feed information into the global field environment and essentially create a feedback loop with the Earth's magnetic field.

It shows that love and compassion have a much larger impact on the Earth's magnetic fields and the collective intuition.

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Mind Check Technique video- or HeartMath's Spot Check Technique is an easy-to-do, on-the-go mind control. You check into your mind's activity and see if you are focusing on negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Then, change and control your mind towards thoughts you want to think.

Mind Power Research - mind and the power of heart coherence.

Mind Power Techniques, mindfulness exercises and guided imagery scripts, helping you live your best life ever!

Mindfulness Heart Technique - takes you out of your head and into your heart, increasing the health of your mind, body and hormones.

How the power of heart coherence can improve your mind health and personal growth.

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