Power Of Pause Technique

The power of pause and being quiet for a few moments, helps you to notice how fast your mind is going. You can easily gauge the speed of your thoughts and decide if this mind stuff is healthy.

Most people's minds and thoughts are racing, speeding, faster and faster.

This Power Of Pause Technique also gets you in touch and in tune with your intuitive self.

If you're interested to learn how to pause and slow the speed of your mind and thoughts, and also coherently connect with your heart's intuitive feelings, knowledge and suggestions, then follow these simple steps below several times a day.

Maybe you need a question answered about a sign and symptom you have.

Or maybe you need some insight into some topic.

Or maybe you would just like to know what your intuition wants to tell you.

  1. take a pause sometime inside your day or several times a day is best
  2. clear your mind and focus all your attention on your breathing
  3. as well as breathing, focus your attention on your minds thoughts and the speed in which they converge onto your mind
  4. as you do this, make sure you are breathing into the belly
  5. then, still breathing, focus your awareness at your heart center
  6. think about feelings of appreciation, kindness and compassion
  7. then, ask your heart what it would say. Feel what your heart would do
  8. send out coherent heart qualities and feed the field
  9. repeat this technique as often as you want

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Power Of Pause Benefits

  • allows you to easily get in touch with and tune into your intuitive self
  • with practice, your intuition becomes spontaneous
  • increases the health of your mind, body and hormones
  • boosting immune system naturally
  • stops your mind wondering and allows you to have mind control
  • grounding to your body
  • increases awareness and mindfulness throughout your day
  • mind stress relief and automatically puts you into the power of heart coherence.
  • eliminates negative thoughts, such as worry, overwhelm, fear, anger, anxiety, depression and irritation

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