SaJune Medical Center

Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

954 Lake Baldwin Lane, Orlando, Florida, 32814

Phone SaJune Medical Center at 407-478-9797

Helping you achieve a clear, sharp, stress free mind, optimal levels of hormones, nutrients, minimal toxins and a healthy, vibrant body.

Every member of staff at the SaJune Medical Center is highly accomplished in their own field of health care and share in the "first, do not harm" philosophy and Dr. Pati's Holistic 5-Point Restorative Approach.

At SaJune, patients can receive a combination of treatments...

The Holistic 5-Point Restorative Approach

It's based on achieving optimal levels of...

  1. hormones
  2. nutrition
  3. minimal toxins
  4. healthy physical body
  5. healthy mind

Click here for details on my Integrative Holistic Health Program based on SaJune's Restorative 5 Point Model.

Click here for details on bio identical hormone replacement therapy treatments.

Click here to go to the website of SaJune Medical Center and make an appointment.

If it's your first visit to SaJune or a return visit, you've met and talked to our brilliant staff.  They are all here to help you live your best life ever! if you would like to be so kind and help encourage, motivate, empower and inspire others...

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Scott Coleman

I've been practicing holistic health and stress management for over 26 years and my office-clinic is at the SaJune in Orlando, Florida.

I am here to help you achieve a stress less life and improved body and mind health.

Feel free to text or phone me at 407-617-6602 or click here to complete a simple Contact Form.

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Latest Research Studies On Mind Health

Scientific research studies and news on the power of the mind relating to our overall health and wellness.

Includes research on the mindfulness meditation exercises, breath therapy, massage, guided imagery, autogenic relaxation techniques and clinical hypnosis.

Click on the following links below for more topics and techniques...

Mind power research - scientific studies on the techniques for mind, body and hormone health.

Meet the SaJune doctors and staff.

Heart coherence - what SaJune doctors, staff, patients and clients do every day to influence and increase the power of the mind for social connection, stress relief, health and wellness.

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