Signs And Symptoms Of Stress

Listed below are the most researched, most common signs and symptoms of stress.

Mind stress can already be having an unhealthy impact on your hormones, nutrient absorption, gut health, mind and memory power, body health and your daily living.

It undoubtedly can contribute to inflammation, adrenal fatigue, hormone depletion, low energy, illness, and the list goes on and on.

What is mind stress? Click and find out.

Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of Stress

Weight Gain -  you're gaining a little weight and stressing about regularly thinking about dieting. Your clothes are tighter and a noticeably visible belly fat. You can fix it. Learning simple, mind power techniques and mind-over-matter, we can loose a few pounds by practicing them.

Heart Issues - do you suffer from one or more of these - high blood pressure, heart palpitations, tight chest, some dizziness, fainting? Practice this breathing technique to help you, right now.

Breathing - shallow and/or rapid. How often do you suffer from allergies or asthma sufferer. Do you regularly hyperventilate and get stressed out? Click here for the best breathing technique for you.

Hands and Feet - do you suffer from cold hands or cold feet? It can be a sign and symptom of stress. Do also have s shaking, sweaty, cramping arms, hands, calves or feet?

Pain - do you sometimes suffer from some of these? - headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, jaw tightness, muscle cramps, leg or calf pain? Click here and find out about massage therapy.

Digestion - this is a big indication of stress, even if you only have just one of the following - indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colitis, appetite fluctuations, burping, excessive flatulence and nausea.

Jaw - many people hold their stress in the jaw resulting in pain, teeth clenching or grinding, problem swallowing, stuttering and dry mouth.

Infections - do you suffer from any of these and if so, how often - cold sores, itchy skin, rashes, hives, flu-like symptoms?

Hormone imbalance symptoms - if you suffer from no or low energy, difficulty sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night, brain fog, unable to keep your focus, loss of memory recall and unexplained weight gain, hormone health may be the issue.

Low Energy - tired, sleepy, sluggish, groggy, exhausted, weak, low sex drive.

Sleep - insomnia. Do you wake up in the middle of the night or maybe suffer from disturbing dreams. Or maybe can't get to sleep because your mind just won't stop thinking?

Anxiety - how often do you suffer from panic attacks, social anxiety, worry, panic, depression, fear, suicidal thoughts, nervousness?

Low Self Esteem - do you think you need some confidence building? 

Angry - how about moodiness, being irritated, on-edge or sometimes over-reacting?

Overwhelm - how often do you feel burnout, have a lack of motivation, confusion, maybe issues with decision-making?

Focus and memory - do you suffer from any of these - weak memory recall, hard to concentrate, low learning ability, feel disorganized, suffer from racing thoughts or maybe forgetful?

Stress Types - everyone falls into at least one of the four major stress styles. Find out if you are a tonal, visual, kinesthetic or digital. There is also information on the stress styles of the enneagram.

Stress - when you are under stress, do you find yourself increasing any of these - sugar, smoking, alcohol, gambling, over-the-counter drugs.

Assess Your Stress

If you had to rate each of the above signs and symptoms of stress from 1 to 5, which symptoms do you suffer from most  (4's and 5's)?

Find out. Click here to assess your stress.

It's important to discover your stress symptoms so that we can work on removing the cause of that symptom, first.

Now, click here to find out the common causes of stress.

Do you have a  comment, thought or experience? Please share by clicking here to comment, now.

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