Simple Living High Thinking Technique

To be free from mind stress, anxiety, worry and overwhelm, it's important to look at your daily life, recognize your exaggerated wants and needs and then get rid of them.

The Simple Living High Thinking Technique allows you to move away from your mind's over-emphasized wants, thus resulting in a removal of anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

An ancient proverb says, "the more you have, the more you worry."

Swami Jyotirmayananda states in his book, Yoga Essays For Self Improvement"complex thinking is petty thinking."

It's not enough just be live simply. It's only authentic when you cultivate higher thinking.

Simple living high thinking go hand-in-hand to those who value spiritual values, who realize material objects and things mean nothing, and the health of the mind is upmost important.

In Yoga, non-possessiveness and simple living is called aparigraha - to possess as little as possible.

Ideas For Simple Living High Thinking

Assess your stress - find out what your causes, signs and symptoms of stress are. Then, reduce them and naturally de-stress your life.

Being present - some of main baggage is in the mind. Feelings of worry, anxiety, panic, irritation, depression, anger and overwhelm. Staying present in the moment can reduce these draining feelings.

You Get What You Think About- where attention goes, energy flows.

Getting rid of stuff - take one room at a time and throw it out. Look at what's just lying around. Do you really need it?

Stop buying stuff - make a commitment not to add any stuff to your life. Go out but don't take any money or credit cards.

Wardrobe, closets and drawers - go through them, one by one. Do you like or use what's in them. If not, get rid of it.

Mind health and time - evaluate where you spend your time, especially time wasting activities. Check out my Time Management Guide, which  also outlines how to say "no".

To-do lists - to really make these simple, ask yourself what is really really important to you, then eliminate the rest.

Digital device advice - it soaks up your time. You see ads and you buy. Limit your access to your TV, phone and computer. Maybe get rid of one of them?

Relationships - evaluate your healthy and unhealthy ones, and also the simple and complicated ones.

Email and texts - unsubscribe to most of your emails. Keep it as clean as possible. You may decide to create a new email and limit spam etc.

Social media - make a note of times spent and what you are interested in. Fundamentally, start to reduce time spent.

Regarding relationships, always remember the THINK acronym when communicating.

Love - only do what you strongly love to do, eliminate the rest.

Mindful eating - benefits include the reduction of mind stress, healthier digestion, weight loss and hormone health.

Cleaning - the less you have, the easier it is to clean house.

Do a search on - minimalist living. You'll find some great video's, documentaries, blogs, websites and books all about the topic.

Mind health - learn to stop anything that makes you wired and tired, and stuff that drains your brain.

Healthy Living Guide - assess these the 14 key areas of your life.

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