Sleep Zone News

The latest research studies show that over 164 million Americans cannot get into the sleep zone and most nights suffer from insomnia.

It's such a common problem that we now have a Sleep Awareness Day.

There are many different kinds of sleep disorders that many people all over the world suffer from...

  • insomnia
  • restless leg syndrome
  • sleep apnea
  • narcolepsy

The 21 Sleep Zone And Natural Stress Removers

Bed Time – what time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? In Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing art from India, it is said that we should go to bed when the birds sleep, and that would be around 9pm to 10pm.

Length of Undisturbed Sleep - Doctor Sangeeta Pati at SaJune Medical Center in Orlando strongly states that we need 8 solid hours of sleep, especially if our health is already compromised. This supports the point before - get to bed around 9pm.

Ground Yourself - or Earthing is going barefoot on the earth for a few minutes. Standing still, moving, walking, jogging, dancing.

Eliminate Alcohol and Sugar – taken at any time of the day, not just before bedtime, both disrupt your sleeping patterns. Some people dispute this saying they sleep better after a couple of glasses of wine, but long term, the body, especially the Liver will wake you up in the middle of the night as it tries to detox the alcohol. 

Eat A Light Snack – this can work for some people. 1 or 2 hours before bed, take a small amount of food, maybe a carbohydrate or protein to help you sleep.

Natural Supplements - details and dosages and find out why many people are feeling tired, sleepy and sluggish.

Temperature – most people find they get a better nights sleep when the bedroom is colder rather than warmer.

Mind Wellness Technique – Perfect sleep aid as well an immediate stress reducer. Practiced twice a day, especially just before going to bed, will benefit your sleep greatly. Click here to watch the Mind Wellness Techniques videos.

Fulfilling Fun – Feeling happy during the activities of the day will help you sleep. For your eight hours of sleep, plan your day where you will have some fun and laughter.

Surroundings in Calm Colors – to help you get into the sleep zone, decorate or place specific colors in your bedroom, and throughout your home. Shades of green, blue, lavender and violet calm and relax the nervous system and brain. Avoid white as it creates expansiveness, and a more difficult time to get to sleep. Also, avoid red.

Warm Bath or Shower – helps you relax, especially with a fragrance of Lavender. Adding Epsom Salts, which is full of magnesium, to your bath is also an excellent idea.

Magnesium Supplementation - helps to decrease cortisol and so aids a restful nights sleep. Click here for information on magnesium dosage.

Digital Device Advice - taking your phone, computer or tablet to bed with you suppresses Melatonin and so disrupts your sleep. Plus, the chaotic electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) coming off the devices can disrupt your sleep patterns as well, especially if you are sensitive to them.

Press On Your Neuro-Vascular Points – a perfect aid to get you into the sleep zone. Take your fingertips and gently press of rotate in the areas of the forehead, around the back of the ears, on the top of your head at the crown, on your temples, cheeks and the back of the head.

Foot Massage and Reflexology – just before bed, take about five to ten minutes and massage, squeeze and rub your feet and ankles. Use lotion or oil if you want. A drop of Lavender in a small amount of coconut oil is my preference.

Herbal Tea and Beverages – here are some herb teas that are all well-known to remove stress, increase relaxation, balance emotions and calm an overactive mind, as well as prepare you for a good nights sleep - Chamomile, Kava, Passion Flower, Tart Cherry Juice.

St Johns Wort- for sleep, anxiety and plant based antidepressant that research studies show really woks.

Essential Oils - smelling specific oils, rubbing them into your feet, diffusing into the air are all ways of getting the benefits of essential oils. Here's a few that are really good as sleep aids - Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Neroli and Bergamot. Click here to find out more about aromatherapy.

Rescue Remedy - this is my favorite all-time for everything, especially for sleep. From the Bach Flower Essences family. As well as a sleep aid, it's available for grief and trauma, anxiety and much more.

Go for a walk - nice way to relax, digest your dinner and get some fresh air.

Autogenic Relaxation Techniques video- deeply relaxes the body and calms the mind and get you easily into the sleep zone.

Bedding - need new pillows? Weighted blankets.

Click here for more techniques and mindfulness exercises for a healthy sleep.

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