Social Anxiety Self Help Techniques

Don't Despair, Prepare

The main theme of these social anxiety self help techniques is to be prepared.

When we reset our minds and prepare for social interaction, test taking or public speaking, the anxiety symptoms and negative self-talk cannot consume and overtake our minds.

The following proven mind power techniques will prepare your mind in stopping and calming down, not just anxiety but also negative thoughts, depression, worry, panic, fear, anger, overwhelm and any kind of mind stress.

Once you get into the healthy habit of beating the anxiety symptoms, you'll discover emotional balance, mental stability, clarity and a calmer, more peaceful mind.

So, don't despair, just prepare!

Social Anxiety Self Help Techniques

Click on the following link-headings below to learn and practice these mind power techniques for social anxiety.

Mind Reset And Prepare Technique video - allows you to stay composed whenever you feel stressed out and anxious.. You'll find yourself taking control of your minds obsessive thoughts, not allowing it to run and control your life.

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique video - a easy-to-do that changes your mood, mind and memories.

Mind Control Your Thoughts Technique video - prepare your mind using this exercise at any time when you're aware of anxiety, worry, fear or any automatic negative thoughts, and learn to push them away.

Train Your Brain Map Technique videos - just like a GPS guides you on your trip, in the same way, this self help technique prepares you for your social trip.

Health outside of your home - information and techniques to help you receive the benefit of being outside in nature and meeting like-minded people.

Hormone health - latest research shows an imbalance in one or two of the 9 essential hormones can cause anxiety.

Future Life Progression Technique - you are what you think about, so design and create your best life ever with this exercise. It uses the laws of attraction and cause and effect in creating your affirming future life you want to live.

Holistic Health Life eProgram - a free online e-Course to expand your subconscious mind by enhancing your visualization skills, the law of attraction and teaching you, week-by-week how to take control of your mind power.

Click here for more mind power techniques on anxiety symptoms treatment and natural health self help remedies.

What is social heart coherence?

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Guided Imagery Script For Social Anxiety Self Help

Here is an easy social anxiety self help technique to help you. Here, we're using a successful and proven guided imagery script and visualization to use the power of your subconscious mind...

  1. take a few minutes and write down all the social interactions and events you may find yourself possibly feeling anxious
  2. once you've written down this list, re-order them from slight anxiety all the way to severe social anxiety
  3. start with the weakest one first and just close your eyes, breathe, and think about putting yourself in this social event
  4. visualize being sociable. Where are you? Inside or outside? Who are you talking to? Who is talking? How do you feel?
  5. when this weaker social interaction or event becomes easier for you to do, in your mind, move on to thinking about and visualizing the next slightly stronger social event
  6. really think about it. visualize it. Ask yourself the same questions as before - Where are you? Inside or outside? Who are you talking to? Who is talking? How do you feel?
  7. every time you feel more comfortable, just move on to the next slightly stronger social event or interaction.
  8. doing this social anxiety self help technique can take from one day up to several months to complete.
  9. be calm and gentle with yourself

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Social Anxiety Self Help

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