Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery

This mind power technique, Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery exercise uses the power of your subconscious mind to enhance your imagination and visualization skills, and in addition creating deeper perception, learning, insight and intuitive knowledge.

The Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Technique allows you to really expand your mind health, unlocking areas that may have not been accessed for a while.

Because you want to coach and train your brain this way, expect new insights, learning's and creativity to pop up unexpectedly.

The more you practice the Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Technique, the more stress will be removed from your heart, brain and relaxed body.

Your hormone health will become more balancing as well as helping and calming the overactive mind.

The Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Script

  1. start by going to a place where you will be alone and not be disturbed
  2. sit on a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Do not lay down
  3. set a timer for fifteen to thirty minutes
  4. just sit there, being perfectly still
  5. breathe in and out for a couple of minutes, making sure when you breathe in you push your belly out 
  6. and when you breathe in, you bring your belly in toward your spine
  7. when you are ready, take few moments as you watch and witness you minds thoughts
  8. then take a couple of minutes and start to gently push away all thoughts from your mind that want your attention, positive and negative ones
  9. when you are ready, focus back on your breathing and spend a minute relaxing your whole body by saying to yourself, "I am relaxing my body, my whole body is feeling relaxed". "I am relaxing my body, my whole body is feeling relaxed". "I am relaxing my body, my whole body is feeling relaxed"
  10. now, when you are relaxed and ready, I want you to visualize and imagine a book, maybe it's your favorite book or a book you've read or maybe a book that you've never seen before
  11. picture yourself opening the book and flipping through the pages looking at the print and maybe images
  12. think for a few moments about the content of the book, whether its facts or fiction or whatever
  13. now, close the book and think about how this book would of gotten to you if it was real
  14. maybe you bought it from a bookstore or maybe it was delivered to you from Amazon
  15. just pretend going through the scenario of how this book got into your possession
  16. now, go back a little bit more and imagine the book travelling to the bookstore, and think about how it got there, maybe by truck or train
  17. now, what was the book before it was a book?
  18. pretend you are in a big printers office with massive printing machines. Imagine large sheets of paper as big as newspaper pages zooming through the printing presses and putting ink, words and pictures on the paper
  19. go to the end of the printing press and see the large sheets of paper being cut into smaller pages
  20. go further down and see the pages being sewn and glued
  21. picture in your mind the cover being put on the book
  22. so, think about what this book was before it was even large sheets of paper?
  23. imagine being outside on a sunny day among a bunch of big trees
  24. visualize a big machine with a saw as it cuts through the trunk of the tree and the tree falls.
  25. see the tree being loaded onto a truck and follow it to the factory
  26. go into the factory and see the machines cutting off the branches and saving off the bark
  27. see the tree go through a big machine that turns the tree into very small wood chips and emptied into very large containers of vats
  28. picture water being added to the container and being cooked
  29. look inside the vat and see it all turn to a thick paste
  30. now, the paste is being emptied and rolled out flat, squeezing the water out
  31. imagine this paper is now being dried out and cut into large pieces the size of newspaper
  32. see the trucks loading the paper and driving away to the printing factory
  33. so, what was the book before it was even a tree?
  34. think about being in a bare, open field and you can see people digging small holes in the ground and planting seeds
  35. imagine the people watering the seeds and see the trees growing and growing
  36. continue this Subconscious Mind Guided Imagery Technique for a week or two, expanding your mind, improving your imagination, visualization, insight and knowledge

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