Time Management Guide

This Time Management Guide helps by giving you solutions and techniques on how to remove these five very common statements and saying...

  1. "I have no time"
  2. "I'm always running out of time"
  3. "I don't have time to do that!"
  4. "I can never complete my to-do list"
  5. "why did I say "yes", I'm already overwhelmed"

Your time is very valuable and precious. Don't waste it or allow anyone else to waste it.

For over twenty-seven years of helping people with stress management, I've identified 9 areas of consideration that most people need to address who use these statements above and for everyone who want to have more time to do more of what they love.

9 Skills Of Time Management

This Time Management Guide covers all 9 areas and I'll coach you through the techniques, mindfulness exercises and strategies to get your time back.

Improve your time management guide skills...

  1. remove time wasting activities
  2. avoid procrastination, it's stressful
  3. getting organized and prioritize your time and tasks
  4. "save your brain" - mono-task instead of multi-task
  5. knowing your life purpose
  6. digital device advice
  7. say "no"
  8. healthy sleep
  9. mind health

Scroll down and check out all the details on each one.

Remove Time Wasting Activities

As soon as you notice any time-wasting activity, make it a priority to either cut out that action or at least start cutting it down.

One of the biggest time-wasting activities is staring at your phone, maybe on the Internet, social media, texting or playing a game.

Another big time waster are interruptions. These are always going to happen. You just have to track and manage them. Learn to say "no".

Due to mind stress, making decisions is sometimes very difficult for people because stress can cause mind fog or brain fog. Remind yourself that most of the decisions you make a day, which are tons of them, are very easy and simple decisions to make. Don't get hung up and waste your time on simple decisions.

I know I've already said it but our digital devices take up a lot of our time. Is it really necessary?

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One of my mentors would always use this saying for his students...

"If you have something you can do now, just do it. Don't waste energy putting it off for later."

There's all kinds of different reasons human beings put things off. Maybe we are tired and just can't do it now, or you have to do it perfectly so you can't do it now and rush it, or maybe we just get a bit lazy now and again.

Starting today, noticing when your mind wants to procrastinate and put things off. And note it down.

Ask yourself, "If I want to, I could be doing this task, right now, and having a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that I am doing it."

All you are doing is watching and witnessing the mind and see where it goes, and redirecting it to where you want it to go.

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Get Organized And Prioritize

Prioritize - Prioritize all tasks by simply rating each task from 1 to 5, Writing them down, making a quick list, so you can see it

Or, rate each task with the high priority stuff on one list and the low priority stuff on a second list.

Scheduling - When scheduling, don't just use your brain to remember. Use a personal digital assistant, calendar app, a three-ringed binder, or even Alexa.

When you're not organized, it creates a feeling of overwhelm.

Specifically, think about when you felt overwhelmed in your life. Then, think about delegating tasks out to remove the feeling of overwhelm and an energy drain. Monitor, then release those tasks off your list.

Hoarding - You've heard of a hoarder? I think it's a TV show. But, what I'm pointing out is that maybe you might be a hoarder of thoughts, things to-do, lists and tasks. Sometimes we need to throw away some of the to-do stuff. Don't be a hoarder of thoughts and lists!

Burnout - Avoid it! It's easier to organize when you break down a task into smaller chunks over a longer period of time.

Digital Device Advice - As I've mentioned before, our digital devices take up so much of our precious time. A good idea is to schedule specific times to use them for emails, phone calls, texts, social media, latest news etc.

Balance - When making your schedule of the week, create balance of work, play and sleep. Social activities and spending time alone.

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Save Your Brain - Mono-Task Instead Of Multi-Task

This is probably one of the most important one's

Multi-Tasking  - Trying to split your attention in more than one direction. For a lot of my clients, it's usually more than four directions.

Mono-Taskingjust focusing all your attention on the one task you are doing, right then and there. It's one of the best stress removers.

Latest research studies are showing that mono-tasking is more productive that multi-tasking, and multi-tasking is very detrimental to your body, hormone and mind health.

Mindfulness living allows your brain, nervous system, heart, adrenals and mind to rest itself into one task, thus increasing your health.

Imagine trying to walk or drive down several roads at once. It's impossible and very tiring.

Now, imagine trying to drive your brain and mind down several roads at once, it gets very, very tired, looses its power, and wears out. This is what is known as  a switch cost.

So, it makes sense that multi-tasking is very draining, even though some of us may not realize it is. It'll catch up with us with nervous disorders, brain fog, loss of memory recall, adrenal fatigue and tiredness.

So, start practicing mindfulness living throughout your day...

  • start practicing mono-tasking. Do only one task at a time with all your focus and attention on it
  • watch your mind to see where it goes, and if you like where it goes. If you don't, redirect it...
  • redirect your mind by making it think of positive, uplifting and energizing thoughts
  • being present in yourself by focusing on your breathing

Mono-tasking is mindfulness

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Knowing Your Life Purpose

This is one of the most important areas of our lives and holds a very special place in my Time Management Guide.

Here's some ideas to think about...

  • make a simple list of daily tasks and goals reflecting your short and long-term goals
  • start to re-arrange your surroundings and environment to support and uplift your life values and goals
  • fill your life by doing things you enjoy and love to do
  • recognize your gifts, "what gifts do I have to offer others?"

Click here for more specific details on mind health and your life purpose.

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Digital Device Advice

I'm hoping you've already decided to reduce your EMF radiation from your phones, computers and wi-fi. And maybe you already realize how much time can be wasted.

Devices can actually disconnect us. It's important for some of us to be vigilant with the use emails, texts, social media, playing games etc.

Take a moment and take an inventory.

  1. you spend some time on your devices and it's warranted - family, work etc.
  2. think about if you waste time on your phone or computer or watching TV

For the next day or few days, just note down how many times you habitually grab your phone and just start looking at stuff, maybe just to fill in some time.

It's important to start scheduling time when you spend on your digital devices for social media, emails, phone calls, texts, and games, etc.

Put your phone completely away for 30 minutes or an hour or two, out of you sight to give yourself a healthy mind-break. This is the main message from the Time Management Guide.

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Say "No"

You don't always have to say "yes". 

If you're a person who say "yes" and over-commits and has a hard time saying "no", you may have found that it's very stressful.

It can lead to resentment, worry, irritation and overwhelm. It also takes a toll on your body, such as your brain, nervous system, heart and adrenal glands, not to mention throwing off your hormone balance.

Plus, saying "yes" to almost everything takes up a lot of your time and can be a big reason why you "run out of time" or don't have time to do the things you want to do for you.

So, for our own body and mind health, we need to start saying "no" and feel good about it.

Remember, you are in control of your life and not other people.

So, start using the power of your mind and regularly visualize yourself in a bubble, what I call your power bubble.

This bubble creates a safe and secure boundary where you can say "no”.

You can try it. Think about being in a bubble of light, like an aura. Make it big and fill it with your favorite color for today.

See yourself inside the bubble, healthy, calm and strong.

Think of anything that has been a stress in the last few days. When it comes to mind, visualize putting it a bubble and floating it out of your bubble and far away. Take it out of your power bubble.

Begin to stop experiencing overwhelm, feelings of over-committed and over-obligated.

Practice, each and every day for 90 days, to say "no" inside your power bubble.

Have a sense of being safe, healthy and relaxed inside your bubble. Notice the difference in how your feel from before you did this short exercise to now. 

Click here to watch a short instructional video on the Power Bubble Techniques

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Healthy Sleep

The most important few hours of every day is at night.

Health is about getting proper rest and deep sleep. But, for some, it's a battlefield.

All the doctors at the SaJune Medical Center say eight hours is the best.

Plus, when you're tired during the day, especially in the afternoon, you gravitate to time-wasting activities, digital devices and procrastination. All things we've talked about.

Although, this is a short section, click on the links I've given you for very important techniques and exercise to get your sleep back on track.

Ask yourself these questions to trigger ideas on how you can improve your sleep patterns...

  • What time do I go to bed? Am I going to bed too late?
  • What am I doing in the two or three hours just before I go to bed? Is what I'm doing stressful to my mind?
  • What time did I last eat before I went to bed? Is what I'm eating creating an issue inside my body, organs  and mind that makes me no sleep?
  • Am I confusing my pineal gland with the blue-light of a cellphone or computer just before I got to bed?

Click here to find out more about healthy sleep.

Click here to find out about 18 natural stress removers and sleep aids - Sleep Zone News.

Getting a great nights sleep is so important and is held in high regard in my Time Management Guide.

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