Tired Of Being Tired

Do you feel exhausted and experience low or no energy? Are you tired of being tired? Maybe you're suffering from adrenal fatigue?

Here is a natural, holistic restorative health approach to living your best life ever!

Watch the video below as Doctor Sangeeta Pati of SaJune Institute For Restorative And Regenerative Medicine explains...

Holistic 5-Point Restorative Health Model For Tiredness, Fatigue And Exhaustion

At SaJune Medical Center, 85% of patients feel better within 12 weeks. With adrenal fatigue, it could take up to 6 months. 

Also noted that 90% of patients came off of medications - psychiatric, antidepressants, cholesterol, pain, sleep aids, acid reflux and more.

Always correct energy levels and sleep, first.

Preserve Your Reserve

While filling your fuel tank with nutrition and hormones...

  1. reduce physical activities and slow down, rest, nap, stretch 
  2. reduce mental activities and slow the mind down, practice the Mind Wellness Technique
  3. follow your heart and do the things you love to do





  • Sleep - 8 hours of uninterrupted. Take naps
  • Sleep Zone - 21 natural, holistic sleep helpers
  • reduce exercise and physical activity to restore energy levels
  • Breathing Technique
  • Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
  • Massage Therapy
  • meditative hatha yoga poses and tai chi movements
  • keep heart rate below 120 to use less fuel
  • magnesium for aches, pains and nervous system



  • progesterone first to go with mind stress
  • thyroid and cortisol pathways for fatigue and anxiety 
  • DHEA and pregenolone hormones
  • Melatonin



  • for total guidance and knowledge, refer to SaJune's nutritional expert, Bridgette
  • food portions - vegetables, fats, protein, carbs
  • Foods That Make You Tired
  • multi-vitamin - MD Prescriptives Essentials 5 in 1 - delayed release
  • Omega-3 - fish oil, veggie options, for anxiety
  • Adrenal Forte - for fatigue and exhaustion
  • magnesium dosage to tolerance. Magnesium oil, Epsom salt baths
  • Purebiotic - gut health and reducing anxiety
  • IV's - Myers, vitamin C, B12
  • Intermittent Fasting

Bowel And Gut Health

  • stop all supplements as your gut is not absorbing them
  • stop all inflammatory foods for 4 to 12 weeks - dairy
  • Purebiotic with every meal
  • Probiozyme with every meal
  • magnesium dosage to help constipation and anxiety - 4 weeks
  • aloe vera, glutamine - 5 to 12 weeks
  • fermentation - kashaya coconut yogurt, kombucha, home made fermented vegetables
  • mindfulness eating



Before a full-on detox, follow these rules, first...

  1. load yourself with pure fluids, like water, lemon and juices to help flush out toxins
  2. correct the PH acid/alkaline to help proper detox
  3. fill fuel tank with best nutrition, juices and super foods
  4. then, you can detox for 3 to 6 months

SaJune's Tool Box

What is quickest, fastest, most efficient to get the patient well.

9 Step Initial Consultation

1. Complete the Self Assessment Goal Setting Form - medical history taking, signs and symptoms chart ratings, goals.

2. Initial Consultation 

  1. energy
  2. sleep
  3. anxiety, depression, worry
  4. muscle and joint pain, headaches
  5. mood and irritability
  6. digestion and gastric issues

Correcting energy and sleep help to correct the others. Set goals with the patient about improving each of these six.

3. Explain SaJune's 5-Point Restorative Health Model 

Your time is mostly spent explaining to the patient how each of the 5 contributes to their symptoms and disease.

Mind and body are the engine, hormones and nutrition are the fuel.

Motivate and connect the patient to this plan.

Restorative approach...

  1. underlying imbalances causes symptoms and disease
  2. aim for optimal levels, above 75%, not normal range
  3. restorative medicine believes the body can restore itself when all 5 areas are optimal
  4. mental and physical stress depletes hormones and nutrients

4. Mind Wellness Technique

  1. breathing, relaxing, heart-focusing
  2. HeartMath - heart rate variability (HRV)
  3. sign up for the Technique of the Week program
  4. sign up for the Train Your Brain Map program

5. Testing

  • Body Composition Analysis - phase angle, cell health
  • Body Composition Monitor - weight, fat, muscle
  • Hormone Labs
  • Nutritional Labs
  • DEXA

6. Physical Exam

7. Written Plan of Actiontests to take, protocols and interventions to follow in each of the 5 key health areas. Email the plan.

8. Wrap-Up - go over the vitals taken, prescriptions, supplements given and actions to take. Always provide literature and the wellness plan

9. Follow Up at 4 week intervals until symptom free. Then, twice a year.

Congratulate yourself for the things you do. Do not put energy into the things you do not do.


Take a nap. The world naps.

blue zones respect the sleep cycle - twice in 24 hours sleep patterns - havard medical school - improves focus memory learning health. companies adding a nap room.

nap - natural instinct

instead of a nap, many people reach for energy drinks, coffee and sugar

Harvard Medical School study - 90 minutes naps improve memory, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking

naps increase focus and enhancing performance

Major Symptoms Of Cortisol Deficiency

  • afternoon slump to chronic fatigue
  • joint pain, maybe fibromyalgia
  • worry and overwhelm
  • multiple allergies and sensitivities
  • rashes and psoriasis
  • frequent illnesses
  • digestive issues
  • need for caffeine
  • sugar and/or salt cravings
  • dehydration
  • and all inflammatory diseases

SaJune's Basic Principles

  • knowing the basis of restorative medicine
  • knowing what to focus on in the initial consultation and history taking
  • knowing which signs and symptoms to give priority to
  • knowing all the different tests that can be ordered for the patient and which one is the best
  • knowing the interventions and protocols - mind, body, hormones, nutrition, detoxification - to start before tests can be interpreted
  • knowing everyone has the power to choose what is right for them

5 Steps Initial Health Consultation (old)

  1. medicine is founded on intuitive principles and knowledge
  2. history taking and rating of the signs and symptoms
  3. explain the 5-point restorative health model and how it contributes to their symptoms and disease (time is spent mostly here). Motivate and connect them to this plan. Restorative approach - 1. optimal levels, not normal.  and 2. underlying imbalances causes symptoms and disease
  4. create a written plan for the patient - test to take, the interventions and protocols to follow in each of the 5 key health areas
  5. wrap-up - go over the vitals taken, prescriptions and supplements given, and the written plan

SaJune Institue For Restorative And Regenerative Medicine and Doctor Sangeeta Pati MD, over the last 12 years and over 12,000 patients, using this natural approach to help people.

Most Patients Complain About...

  • low energy levels
  • difficulty sleeping
  • weight gain
  • low sex drive
  • anxiety and depression
  • pain
  • cholesterol and diabetes
  • bowel disease
  • memory loss
  • arthritis and osteoporosis
  • psoriasis
  • cardiac dysfunction

Intuitive Principles Of Health And Healing

The essence of SaJune's holistic approach is - first, do no harm.

Trust in the healing power of nature - foods and herbs versus medication and surgery.

Discover and treat the cause of the imbalance rather than chasing the symptoms and its effects.

Treat the whole person - mind, body, hormones, energy, thoughts.

Teach patients that prevention is the best cure.

Animal world is full of instinctual activity - eat when hungry, sleep when tired

Natural Instincts - animal world sleep when tired at when hungry and in human infant

Ancient practices were intuitive in nature.

Healing through regeneration using power of nature.

Tired Of Being Tired Video Notes

Rate - energy, sleep, anxiety, pain, mood, and gastric issues.

This is an approach that enhances our ability to find the underlying imbalances that cause symptoms, such as weight gain, sleep disturbance, mind stress, being tired all the time and headaches..

These imbalances can be recognized when you look at the 5-Point Restorative Health Model. In particular the fuel tank - hormones and nutrition - above the 75% percentile as this is protective range.

Water and breathing to flush body of toxins and change the PH acid and alkaline levels.

The engine - mind and body - the subconscious mind has 90% influence on our health.

Pain - neurons fire to respond using magnesium, B12, DHEA hormone and cortisol hormone.

Mind Stress - conscious and subconscious - every cell in our body is listening to our thoughts. Its a thinking body. thoughts release specific hormones and neuropeptides. reduces immune system.

external stress - news, drama, gossip, family, traffic, 

You don't want to keep pouring fuel (hormones and nutrition) into the fuel tank if the engine (mind and body) is running at a high speed and inefficiently (mental and physical stress)

For example, hormone balance means life balance.

Healthy Body - reduce exercise to restore, breathing techniques and exercises, massage, meditative tai chi

Mind - stress reduction, mind power techniques

SaJune Initial Health Consultation

Click on the link-headings below to find the details of each of the 5-Point Restorative Health...

SaJune Institute For Restorative And Regenerative Medicine.

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