What Is Fermentation Of Vegetables

What is fermentation? It is a powerful way to preserve vegetables to increase and enhance the nutritional content of the foods being lacto-fermented.

This bacteria that's produced when fermenting will produce natural probiotics, enzymes and vitamins for the optimal functioning of your mind, body, hormones and healthy gut flora.

Other great benefits of making and eating fermented vegetables are...

  • perfect for weight loss
  • creates and controls a healthy digestion
  • boosting immune system naturally
  • stress relief technique
  • clears the mind of stuff allowing more focus and improved memory recall

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Weight Loss

Once you start introducing fermented vegetables into your daily diet, twice a day, you'll start to experience natural weight loss as your digestive system corrects itself, naturally.

If you're not getting results from stored=bought fermented foods, then you should really consider making your own. I do and it's easy to do.

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Gut Health: Probiotics And Enzymes

I really don't like taking pills and tablets. So, every day, I turn to my home-made fermented vegetables for my natural probiotics, enzymes and vitamins.

It'll take a little while to get the gut health where it should be, but once it's there, you'll always be eating fermented vegetables.

Boosting Immune System Naturally

A very big percentage of your immune system is located in the gut.

A healthy, optimal functioning gut equals a healthy, optimal functioning immune system. 

You'll be able to fight off colds and flu easily, and you'll probably find that your allergies start to go away.

Food And Mood - Calming The Mind And Emotions

This is the best part. Your mind health is as optimal as your gut health.

Strengthen and balance a healthy gut allows your mind to become healthier.

No more negative thoughts. Reduction in anxiety and depression.

Healthy Nutrition Guide - all aspects of food and eating, including fermentation, fasting and more.

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