What Is Ozone Therapy?

Scroll down to find out exactly what is ozone therapy and its therapeutic uses.

But first, it is important to note that ozone therapy is growing in popularity in America, even though its benefits have been used for decades in European countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. For example...

  • used successfully for the treatment of tuberculosis in Russia
  • Cuba has been using ozone therapy in hospitals since 1986 and Germany has been administering ozone therapy since 1959
  • in World War One, ozone therapy was widely used for the treatment of gangrene to the troops on the battlefield with great success

There are also long-standing organizations focusing on the health benefits of ozone therapy, such as...

  1. The Medical Society For Ozone Application
  2. The Swiss Medical Society For Ozone And Oxygen Therapies
  3. The International Ozone Association

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Lets find out what is ozone therapy used for, especially in European countries, and its proven benefits, and why I'm using it in my healing journey...

  • increases the dissolving of tumors. Studies show that resistant, metastatic cancer to chemotherapy and radiation showed a very high improvement in the quality of life with prolonged ozone therapy
  • acute diseases
  • chronic diseases giving fast relief
  • enhances all circulatory systems
  • boost immune system naturally and purifies the lymphatic system at the same time
  • also, purifies the blood
  • stimulate the production of disease-fighting white blood cells
  • cleans arteries and veins
  • better metabolism of oxygen
  • pain reduction
  • inflammation control
  • helps in the recovery from stroke damage
  • aids in improving brain and nerve function
  • successfully deactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • helps in the balancing of hormones
  • aids in enzyme production
  • herniated disks
  • improved flexibility and tone
  • sterile dental procedures
  • It will easily sterilize water because of its massive disinfection qualities

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What Is Ozone Therapy And How Does It Work?

Oxygen is O2. Ozone is O3.

Ozone - O3 is also known as activated oxygen.

A very good ozone generator (ozonator) attaches an extra oxygen molecule to the double oxygen molecule, so converting oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3) for therapeutic use.

The ozone can be administered in many ways. Scroll down to find out more.

As ozone therapy is applied to the body, internally or externally, almost immediately, the extra oxygen molecule detaches itself and reattaches itself to the walls of...

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • rotting matter
  • yeasts
  • poisons
  • weakened cells
  • parasites
  • mold
  • fungi
  • chemicals

This newly attached oxygen molecule from the administered ozone therapy neutralizes these pathogens and kills them. It then eliminates this debris from the body through the circulatory systems, skin, lungs, kidneys and liver.

It is important to note that strong, healthy cells cannot be penetrated and destroyed from ozone therapy, only weak cells or cells with simple enzyme coatings.

Like all holistic health and life therapy treatments, it takes time to heal. Through scientific, clinical research, It is best to use lower dosages of ozone therapy over a longer period of time instead of high dosages in shorter time spans.

Ozone Therapy Treatments

Always consult your doctor before using any kind of ozone therapy application.

There are so many different ways to administer ozone therapy. Here, i'll just give you information on the ozone therapies I use for my own healing from cancer...


One of the best and most used ways to administer ozone therapy is inside the rectum and colon, called insufflation.

It is safe. Your digestive tract has tons of lymphatic and blood vessels to immediately distribute the ozone throughout your body, very quickly.

Also, the portal vein from the colon to the liver can be utilized for better detoxification and distribution of ozone.

Far Infrared Sauna

A dome-like structure using the invisible light spectrum. This sauna creates a deep penetrating, lower temperature heat which induces sweating. This allows the ozone to easily enter the body through the skin, improving circulation, detoxification and healing.

I use the rectal insufflation and far infrared sauna ozone therapies together.

Ozone Therapy Research

Click here for the latest science research studies on what is ozone therapy?

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